Ovo - Idee e Manufatti

Calabria, Italy - Ceramist
Iconic artistic duo Maurizio Orrico and Enrica Vulcano founded Ovo-Idee e Manufatti to capture the perfect blend between art and design. Driven by a creative, surrealistic-like approach that combines different crafts and disciplines, Ovo designs are an unexpected meeting point between tradition and contemporary flair. The most recent oeuvres by the atelier are ceramic Sicilian Moor Heads defined by minute sculptural details and decorated in monochromatic shades that enhance the alluring features.

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Ovo uses the clays with the present in mind, but pays attention to the past. Ovo - Idee e Manufatti

Ovo - Idee e Manufatti

OVO is an Art Design brand born from the synergy of Maurizio Orrico and Enrica Vulcano. Even before having a name, it comes to life, as an idea and almost for fun, from experiments on the oxidation of metals carried out in relation to Maurizio's artistic research, and transported to the world of design thanks to the intuition of Enrica. OVO's first official work is the table setting created for LIBERI DENTRO, The Last Supper - Homage to Leonardo Da Vinci, curated art and social design project by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, which involved great artists and designers.

Using ceramics, various objects are produced, such as tableware, decorative objects, and other artifacts. Specific ceramics are also used in coatings with high heat resistance due to their high melting point. The color of the ceramic material varies depending on the chromophore oxides contained in the clays (iron oxides, from yellow, orange, red to brown; titanium oxides, from white to yellow).

Ovo uses the clays with the present in mind but pays attention to the past. For example, "Le MorOvO" refers to the classic Caltagirone Moors, giving them a contemporary look.

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