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Città Painting XII - Main view

Traglio Vismara

Città Painting XII

USD 56,365
Ships in 1-2 weeks

The work represents an imposing, timeless acropolis. Suspended in space, Traglio Vismara's City insists on the breath of the questioning soul, to recall what appears to be a mystery. The Cold Encaustic technique is based on wax, which, given its softness, guarantees versatility. Three-dimensional effects are formed throughout the production process by raising the wax and beating it with iron brushes. This textured painting gains depth by cooperating with the inclination to light.

Handcrafted for you in Italy in 1-2 weeks
Shipping to United States: USD 95

Product Details

MaterialWoodDimensions (in)W 59.06 x D 59.06 x H 1.97Product referenceBLILMI-029Tearsheet

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