Paola Paronetto

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy - Ceramist
Born in Pordenone in 1965, Paola Paronetto has dedicated her life to pushing the boundaries of ceramics, both as a medium and as an art form. Paronetto innovative interpretation of ancient clay-making is rooted in her experiences in Gubbio, Deruta, Faenza, Florence and Vicenza where she honed her craft. Her constant experimentation is driven by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of forms. Her most recent artistic endeavor is paper clay, a blend of paper pulp, natural fibers, and clay that results in a unique texture with a delicate and tactile quality.

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Paola Paronetto

Paola Paronetto began her ceramic training in the enchanting hills of Tuscany. Wanting to be free from the restraints of classic ceramic techniques, she pioneered and perfected Paper-Clay. In this way her "Cartocci" collection came to life, a rich series of sculptural objects that bridges the gap between Art and Design. Her artwork is unlike any other decorative ceramics on the market and as a result Paola’s pieces intrigue, showcasing the best of Italian craftmanship. Exhibited in the finest shops and galleries worldwide, she collaborates with architects and designers in the realization of leading interior design projects. The most prestigious magazines in the sector dedicate articles and interviews to her remarkable artistic vision and talents.

The Cartocci collection is the work of the renowned Italian artist Paola Paronetto. Unique paper clay ceramic sculptures, each piece with its own distinct personality and handmade in her studio in Italy. The method she uses to create these outstanding pieces of art, is known only to herself and her small team, ensuring the exclusivity of her style and the pieces themselves. Immediately recognizable as a Paola Paronetto, each piece offers nuance and exclusivity making them the perfect addition to any interior design project whether residential or commercial. 

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