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Emilia Romagna, Italy - Furniture Maker
Part of the Pollini Group, Pollini Home seeks to turn the commonplace use of tiles on its head, shifting from using them as mere wall or floor coverings to producing remarkable furniture pieces and home decor accessories. Siblings Marco, Luca, and Emanuela took stock of the brand's rich ceramic heritage - active since the early '90s in the ceramic district of Sassuolo - and modern high-precision technologies to create handmade collections of porcelain stoneware designs of unrivaled quality, class, and beauty.

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Architecture and Interior Design Solutions made with porcelain tiles Pollini Home

Pollini Home

Pollini Home is the perfect balance of family-owned business - born from the intuitive idea of the three siblings Marco, Luca and Emanuela -, design and craftsmanship that leverages high precision technologies to achieve a basically handmade product with industrial accuracy. The technical-productive evolution of porcelain stoneware makes it one of the materials preferred by interior designers and architects. Large slabs reinterpret the aesthetic look of natural materials such as stone, marble, and wood, as well as flat colors and new design looks. Every architectural project becomes a reason to search for personalization and coherence between external and internal elements.

The heritage of a territory, rich in terms of clayey soils and founding its economy on ceramic production every day more and more cohesive with the world of design and architecture, leads the Pollini Group to experiment with new forms of market presence, proposing itself to the public with a new design brand.

Pollini Home switches the game rules, and transforms a material initially intended to be applied as a wall and floor covering into a key element in furniture choice.

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