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Scapin Collezioni
Scapin Collezioni
Scapin Collezioni
Scapin Collezioni
Scapin Collezioni

Scapin Collezioni

Furniture Maker - Veneto, Italy

Initially a branch of historic furniture company La Veneta, Scapin Collezioni embodies contemporary design vision that pushes the limits of artisanship. The brand revisits traditional forms with cutting-edge technologies, transforming them into singular and eccentric pieces that effortlessly balance art and design. Scapin Collezioni’s collaborations with renowned artists and designers has resulted in iconic furniture and interior accessories characterized by playful shapes and tactile surfaces with a distinctive sculptural and artistic flair


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Every detail makes our designs unique and every piece is carefully manufactured using the finest techniques


Scapin Collezioni emerged from the respected La Veneta brand; a well-known name in the industry with a solid and reputable presence in the world of craftsmanship. The new branch takes the traditional artisan knowledge of its founders to a new level of sophistication. Through its combination of innovative materials and avant-garde technologies, Scapin Collezioni collaborates with well-known designers on a number of projects. Always reaching for the highest level of quality in terms of manufacturing, Scapin Collezioni is able to deliver final products of the finest make; each product reflects detailed research of forms and materials with an edgy sculptural twist.

Products conceived as art pieces are made to transform an environment into something special and magic. Scapin Limited Edition works alongside designers and craftsmen, creating objects for design lovers and collectors.

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