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Fonderia Artistica Ruocco

Campania, Italy | Blacksmith

Since 1970, the smithy of Fonderia Artistica Ruocco, just outside of Naples, proudly produces exquisite objects, using techniques that belong to the family tradition passed on from one generation to another. Each of these statuettes and sophisticated pieces of furniture is forged using the finest materials and exclusive molds made by the company. Harmony and elegance are at the core of this collection whose pieces are inspired by ancient Greek and Roman myths, Renaissance art, and baroque décor.

Coralla Maiuri

Lazio, Italy | Ceramist

Coralla Maiuri is an artist who lives in Milan and Rome and whose work has been exhibited around the world. Resulting from experimentations with various materials, her ceramic and porcelain creations are inspired by her passion for nature and are crafted and decorated by hand. Her vases and jars create dynamic universes, while her collections of china comprise six series inspired by Roman Renaissance and Baroque styles, named after the six rooms in Villa Borghese Gallery in Rome.

Monica Gasperini

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Designer

Monica Gasperini was born in a small town by Rimini, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. She studied architecture in Florence and is an architect and designer specialized in many projects in Europe, USA and all around the world, both in private homes and public spaces such as stores, restaurants, and hotels. Her line of furniture features timeless pieces of exquisite artisanal craftsmanship that are sophisticated and modern, inspired by the art deco style.


Toscana, Italy | Glassmith

CreArt was created in 1968 in Empoli, Tuscany, a city near Florence known for its artistic traditions and its production of glassworks since the 14th century. At CreArt, expert glass and crystal merchants, master craftsmen of metal casting and glass engravers come together, constantly researching and developing techniques for creating and embellishing their internationally sold artifacts. They gather from ancient Italian, French, and English palaces. High-quality materials, elegance, craftsmanship and superb customer service are what set CreArt apart.

Laboratorio Paravicini

Lombardia, Italy | Ceramist

Costanza Paravicini handcrafts original decorative and functional dinner plates from her laboratory, which she opened in the early 90s. Now she works alongside her daughter, Benedetta Medici, and continues to bring to life handmade and one-off decorative objects for the table. Paravicini's hand-painted designs or hand-applied serigraphs are always under glaze, so that the colors do not fade and are non-toxic. This technique is very difficult and no one else works this way nowadays, but the plates that come out of the ovens are incredibly bright and shiny.

Joyce Wang

Veneto, Italy | Designer

Specialising in luxury hospitality and residential interiors as well as bespoke furniture and fittings design, Wang has garnered a global portfolio and an international presence within the industry. Her architectural approach to design and love of materials is rooted in her degrees in Architecture and Materials Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Completing her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London is where interdisciplinary design was to influence the Flint collection; an eclectic mix of marble, cement and metal, all hand-made in Italy.


Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

Tiziana Vittoni combined her passion for design with her husband’s expertise in marble and ceramics to create Paira, whose exquisite objects are inspired by the elegance of the Florentine Renaissance and stand outfor their sleek silhouettes, the excellence of their materials, and the attention to every detail during production. Using the finest marbles and a thin, new generation of ceramics that are highly durable, Paira merges tradition and innovation producing timeless objects with a minimalist and geometric design.

Editions Milano

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

The talented designers at Editions Milano view traditional Italian craftsmanship through the lenses of the chic, urban, Northern Italian aesthetic embodied by the city where they live and work: Milan. By editing the superfluous out of essential designs, they create colorful, bold, and timeless pieces of home decor that reinterpret the iconic Made in Italy in a contemporary way, celebrating innovative volumes and traditional techniques.

La Permanente Mobili Cantù

Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Since 1892, the mission of La Permanente Mobili Cantù has always been to have constant exhibitions creating appropriate spaces where artisans can exhibit their artifacts of interior design and present them to the right clientele while maintaining the artisans’ ownership of their products. They work alongside The Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri providing the artisans with manual and executive skills and technical knowledge. The quality of these products are appreciated nationally and internationally and many top designers turn to Cantù workshops to have their ideas brought to life.


Toscana, Italy | Furniture Maker

Sergio Cammilli, a protagonist of Italian design in the 60s, created in 1986 in Prato, a town by Florence renowned for textiles manufacturing. Since then Mirabili collections have been displayed in some of the most prestigious museums in the world. This brand collaborates with important artists and designers to create high-quality, handmade pieces that are not only poetically decorative works of art, but also functional objects that communicate visions and emotions.

FPM Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Lombardia, Italy | Accessories Maker

Founded in 1946, Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano (FPM) has revolutionized men’s and women’s travel accessories. Merging the talent of five designers -Marc Sadler, Stefano Giovannoni, Marcel Wanders, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Nendo -in one avant-garde concept, FPM’s leather goods and travel accessories are an expression of the harmony between safety and practicality. High-quality leathers merge with innovative techniques and meticulous workmanship to inspire FPM’s progressive designs rooted in the pillars of lightness, practicality, and agility.


Marche, Italy | Accessories Maker

A family of expert artisans founded Turms in 1962. Since then this brand has been crafting luxury accessories for the care and storage of Italian leather shoes. This company’s passion is to preserve the excellence of specialized Italian craftsmanship and to spread its beauty all over the world. Turms’s products are exquisitely built to stand the test of time and are all environmentally friendly. Their unique and original style makes them a true treasure in the world of footwear.

Simone Crestani

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

Simone Crestani is a young luminary when it comes to glass. His aesthetic tends toward time-honored artistic values – balance, elegance, grace – yet his creations are complete novelties in the glassart world. Simone had the privilege of growing up close to Venice and doing his apprenticeship with expert glassmith Massimo Lunardon. Many of his creations can be considered part of a contemporary “Cabinet of Curiosity” where nature is not defaced but respected by reproducing its essence in fragile transparent shapes.

Striulli Vetri d'Arte

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

One of the youngest master glassmiths on the Venetian island of Murano, Alberto Striulli dedicates himself to continuing the city's 700 years of glass blowing history. His prowess spans from classic chandeliers to a wide range of contemporary tableware and "glassart" pieces. His signature design is probably the "rigadin", a straight ribbed pattern achieved by blowing incandescent glass into a rudimentary mold called "bronzin". Striulli's creations are certified by Promovetro Consortium, the Murano glass authority ensuring that artisans follow traditional techniques.

Secondome Edizioni

Lazio, Italy | Furniture Maker

Secondome is a Design Gallery focused on contemporary designers and innovative projects worldwide. Founded by Claudia Pignatale in 2006, Secondome produces its own collection of furniture and objects working to launch experimental designers, artisans and master craftsmen. Its mission lies in highlighting both the high quality manufacture of the Made in Italy brand and the originality of products, emphasizing the tradition of Italian craftsmanship whilst breaking the mold of lifeless objets d’art.


Veneto, Italy | Ceramist

Nove, a town by Venice, has been famous since the 18th century for its artistic pottery. Christian Pegoraro started his work here, founding BottegaNove, a company specialized in the production of exquisite ceramic and porcelain objects entirely hand-decorated that can be customized to fit any decor. With architect Cristina Celestino as its creative director, BottegaNove combines ancient artisanal traditions and modern designs to create timeless pieces that transform spaces with unique colors and shapes.

Corsi Design Factory

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Corsi Design started off as a simple idea that grew into an international, visionary project. Gaetano Pesce and Andrea Corsi started collaborating in 2003, combining their business acumen and artistry to launch their first project, Fish Design, at the Milan Salone del Mobile in 2004. Officially renamed Corsi Design in 2010, the atelier started new collaborations with internationally renowned designers such as Enzo Mari, Paola Navone, and Alessandro Mendini. Each collection is made by master craftsmen who explore novel ways of interpreting resin.

Giordano Viganò

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Giordano Viganò has been working wood for more than 50 years. Thank to his passion for his craft, through the years he has created custom-made, award-winning pieces of furniture to adorn private residences, as well as many prototypes that have become iconic, such as the Shiro Kuramata collection for Cappellini of 1986. The high quality of the materials, a manufacturing process that carefully follows every detail of production, and the combination of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship make these objects precious, unique, and timeless.