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Presented as a museum-like exhibit of true art pieces, MARMO celebrates the excellence of Italian marble and the timeless nature of this stone. In a juxtaposition between contemporary design and the rich heritage of Italian culture, MARMO explores the endless possibilities of a material that has been a source of beauty and distinction for centuries, with a showcase of creations that interpret the traditional maker culture through a contemporary lens.

MARMO (the Italian word for marble) honors the timeless nature of this natural stone that can withstand the passing of time and the change in design trends. Past and present interlace in a dialogue between the history originating from this marvelous material and the innovative possibilities that it can bring to the design scene, meeting the needs of contemporary creative visions.

Showcasing pieces by a rich selection of talented Italian artisans, the exhibition investigates the new design directions of stone working, emphasizing the mastery of the makers and the ever-changing characteristics of the material. Its aesthetic appeal is not the only reason why marble is highly sought after and appreciated worldwide; its strength and value make it the perfect choice for the creation of sculptures, monuments and stunning works of art. Artemest artisans transform marble’s classic elegance into an opportunity to explore new design languages, working the material using the latest technologies and pushing the boundaries of crafting procedures to give life to precious design pieces.

MARMO narrates authenticity and Italian craftsmanship at its finest, putting the uniqueness of marble and the art of carving front and center. Marble is a stone with a soul that can be revealed only scratching its surface and unveiling its diverse textures and veins. Working with different types of marble, from Carrara to Calacatta, Guatemala and Travertino, the artisans gave birth to unique artworks, reinterpreting antique arts and techniques with an eye on sustainability and experimenting with innovative sculpting technologies.

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.


MARMO celebrates the material as expression of Italian artistic heritage, laying the physical basis for the creation of many past wonders and finding its role in the present day and as a precious resource for the future. Several reasons have led Italian marble to be considered among the bests in the world. From the historical point of view, marble was the most widely used material by Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Donatello, to give life to masterpieces of eternal beauty.

The Artisans

Alimonti combines sustainability and an eccentric creative vision presenting the Ritagli coffee tables designed by Studiopepe; made with leftovers of different travertines, they create a look that demands attention. Atelier Terrai uses innovative sculpting technologies in the futuristic Evoluzione mirror and console, named after the evolution of the crafting procedure of the pieces that varies from sharp rough shapes to seemingly melting silhouettes. Del Savio 1910 masters the art of marble mosaics with colorful décor by Zanellato&Bortotto and a stunning room divider by architect and designer Hannes Peer featuring a unique pattern made up of 7 different marbles. In the monolithic shape of the W Chair Dimarmo is able to showcase the precious veining of the stone. Edizione Limitata by Simone Fanciullacci explores a new design language with two 21st century sculptural pieces designed as a composition of intersecting Guatemala marble stone slats. Lithea presents the Sesi coffee tables shaped like the typical Seso buildings that can be found in Sicily, and the Còrbulas wall lamps inspired by the traditional Sardinian baskets.

UpGroup combines traditional handcrafted production on a lathe with the latest technology and partners with world renowned designers and architects for their exclusive bespoke products. Luce di Carrara presents the Statuarietto table defined by effortless elegance. Manuel Coltri uses marble waste materials to create his checked Hacker vases and trays that feature a kaleidoscopic design of rare sophistication. Matlight Milano celebrates the encounter of light and marble with the Essential Stick sconces. MGM Marmi e Graniti introduces innovative curvilinear design with the Curl armchair and Twist table. MMairo shines with harmonious pieces signed by illustrious designers. Officina della Scala merges savoir fair and an iconic design by architect Franco Albini. Working with Bufalini, Paolo Ulian uses innovative techniques to carve the Pixel vases and the ultra-thin and surprisingly light Stripes vases. Pietro Russo Design celebrates the moon's bare allure, with his Lunar pendant lamps featuring pure-white onyx that evokes the celestial body's landscape. studiointervallo’s Mirage coffee tables and trays, born from the monolithic materiality of stone, play on color and juxtaposition of decorations. MARMO also includes architectural photography of Gio Ponti marble details seen through the lens of Italian photographer Giulio Boem and elegant marble candles by Aina Kari.

MARMO Collection

MARMO Collection

Explore the collection and discover more stunning marble pieces. A showcase of handcrafted pieces that interpret our traditional maker culture through a contemporary lens.