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VéVé Glass
VéVé Glass
VéVé Glass
VéVé Glass
VéVé Glass
VéVé Glass

VéVé Glass

Glassmith - Veneto, Italy

Specialized in artistic glass for architectural projects and interior design, VéVé Glass is a Venice-based company with over 20 years of activity. The company is renowned worldwide for its unique Murano glass objects handcrafted by specialized artisans using century-old techniques of glass fusion. From sculptures to home accessories and lighting, each product stands out for its magnificent colors and unparalleled quality. VéVé Glass offers full customization of products with the support of a dedicated team of architects and designers.


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Murano glass works, symbol of elegance, luxury and refinement.


VéVéGlass is a Venetian company with 30 years of experience in working with Murano glass. All collections
are designed, developed and produced with high quality and great accuracy. The goal of our company is the
constant search for new shapes and colorcombinations, and that is why VéVéGlass, in Murano glass
processing, is synonymous with innovation. Our expert glass masters create beautiful glass objects of various shapes, sizes and colors through VéVéGlass' craftsmanship, the harmony of colors and design combine with the warmth of glass to create creations that prove to be unique and unrepeatable. The craftsmanship of "handmade" makes each object unique and exclusive.

VéVéGlass makes a wide range of Murano glass objects and works such as: centerpieces,sculptures, backlit
wall panels, glass dividers and curtains, mirrors and artistic glass wall applications, all specifically designed
for the luxury sector and condensing functionality and beauty, elements ideal for display as true works of
art. Owning one of the Murano glass objects created by VéVéGlass guarantees a very high added value of elegance and sophistication for both the owner and the environment in which the work is placed.

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