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Countryside Kitchen

The modern, all-white kitchen appears to be leaving its place in current interior trends in favor of a more rustic aesthetic. The emerging trend is all about creating a lived-in and cozy ambiance, characterized by warm lighting and a color scheme inspired by natural wood tones, where warm neutrals with rich colors seamlessly blend together. Within this context, the right tabletop and kitchen accessories can add the finishing touches to create a stunning countryside kitchen.

While modern kitchens with clean lines were the predominant aspiration for a while, the trend has now shifted toward more eclectic, whimsical designs. Instead of focusing solely on minimalism and the absence of visual clutter, the now-trending countryside style prioritizes bringing signs of life back into the kitchen, embracing excess items as an asset instead of hiding them. Through the use of rustic materials and earthy colors, this design style evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen, one of the most used spaces in a home.

The combination of materials creates the lived-in feel, characteristic of typical countryside style, along with a warm color palette that creates a cozy ambience. Browse our collection to find the perfect pieces to complement your countryside-style kitchen: gorgeous ceramic plates by Giovanna La Falce, cutlery sets with wooden handles from Casa Bugatti, or copper accessories such as Navarini Rame’s traditional fondue set or Cu Artigiana’s sauce pot. Choose the quality of Italian craftsmanship with these gorgeous handmade pieces to adorn your Countryside Kitchen.