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1477 Reichhalter

Between the hills and mountains of South Tyrol, a recent renovation transformed this 500-years-old building in a raw, minimalist and welcoming guest house. 1477 Reichhalter is the truest synthesis of the spirit of this land, where heritage and history are expressed with organic materials and hand-picked pieces. Live and breathe the timeless atmosphere suspended in white and muted tones, enjoying homely recipes from its restaurant, immersed in its intentional philosophy.

​The area of Merano, located in the South Tyrol region in Northern Italy, is historically know for its natural abundance of fruit and life, where the sun shines so bright every day that acres of orchards grow unbothered by the harshness of seasons.

The village of Lana lies on these grounds, a hidden gem nestled between Bolzano and the mountains. It’s a place where time runs slowly and feels different, where the days stumble gently one after the other, allowing the landscape to be the main feature.

In one of Lana’s small Gasse, the local word for alley, is hidden the Gasthaus 1477 Reichhalter. This delicate and essential bed and breakfast hosts a traditional restaurant and a different number of housing solutions, ranging from days-long retreats and curated stays with the joint effort of the nearby hotel.

​1477 Reichhalter draws its roots from this ancient site. The house was built half a millennium ago by the local owners, navigating centuries of history but never bending to them, just like the mountains surrounding it. It has served many purposes throughout the years: its many faces have included a butcher’s, a mill, a bakery and a tavern. In the spring of 2018, Klaus Dissertori and his family transformed this striking location into a highly curated project that features evocative interiors, essential services and photographic art.

Interior design has been entrusted to Christina von Berg, Chief Designer of the Biquadra Studio, while the architectural renovation has been overseen by Zeno Bampi. The featured art pieces are the work of the photographer Jasmine Deporta. Each one of these distinct but connected realities work in synergy to create an unforgettable experience, blissing both the eye and the mind of the fortunate adventurers.

​Effortless minimalism colors the 8 different rooms, each one named after a piece of the history of the inn, strongly featuring muted tones in an infinite array of shades from bright whites to more gracious grays. Particular attention is dedicated to the selection of materials: furnitures and beddings coming from midcentury design and fleas markets are built with raw wood and enriched with hard metal details, with organic linens and handmade ceramics adorning the building adding individual flair to each room.

The essential interiors make a continuous effort to recall the ancient roots of the building, with plaster exposed on some of the walls to let the bones of the original structure shine through. Indeed, Christina von Berg describes the work of the Biquadra Studio as done “with tact and sensitivity - giving new life to buildings already built, adapting them to the needs and the spirit of the time”.

​Conceived to offer more than a simple stay, the Gasthaus extends its conscious and genuine philosophy to visiting options: the Culture & Relax offer lets the visitor enjoy books from their private library, a deliberate selection of hand-picked titles, and the partnership with the adjacent Hotel Schwarzschmied allows the booking of spa and wellness services.

Food is another perfect addition to this equation: Martina and Andreas Heinisch are the passionate couple behind the 1477 Reichhalter Restaurant, providing intentional and local cuisine to nourish, restore and welcome the guests with an all-day selection of traditional recipes for a wholesome and homely feel.

​At 1477 Reichhalter, thoughtful travelers can experience it all: peace, culture, dining, wellness and the healing atmosphere of the fruitful land. This uncomplicated location hides its many layers and precise concept behind a minimalist and essential feeling, with the sole intention of creating the perfect conditions to enjoy the simple things it has to offer - the sky, the neighborhood, the land and nature.

​1477 Reichhalter

Vicolo Macello 2, 39011, Lana

+39 0473563028 (Eat) +39 0473051050 (Sleep)