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Among the Vineyards: Castello di Spessa

Discover Castello di Spessa, an ancient castle in the heart of Friuli, nestled between the greenery of vineyards and hills. A staple in the land to find blissful relaxation, the castle has been standing for centuries and has seen the passing of many illustrious guests. Explore this romantic resort, sipping local wines in the medieval cellar and resting in the manor's room, to get a authentic taste of a life in a different era.

When arriving in Collio Graziano, a land in the heart of the Italian region of Friuli, the eye gets immediatly lost in the infinite rows of vineyards. The products here are local, the food culture is ancient and the buildings have been inhabited by noble families of the region for centuries: there is no better recipe for an authentic experience of true Italian hospitality.

On top of these rounded, romantic hills lies Castello di Spessa, one of the symbols of the land, towering over its surroundings with its unmistakable silhouette and immersed in a striking Italian-style garden.

Castello di Spessa has been built in the Middle Ages and has since hosted regional nobility throughout the centuries. The castle has been recognized as an excellence of the land from the very beginning, as many illustrious guests such as Giacomo Casanova have found refuge and tranquility between its walls. It's now owned by the Pali family, who preserved the vision of curated Italian hospitality by crafting a holistic array of experiences to let its visitors get a authentic taste of a life in a different era: wine tastings, romantic literary walks through the hills and even coockery lessions.

The over 40 rooms are scattered in four different structure, like the castle itself and the apartments in the vineyards, and each one has been skillfully funshished to offer a chic and refined atmosphere.

Romance is in our nature

Featuring Italian and Central European 18th and 19th century furniture, the airy suites in the castle offer a traditional experience paired with modern comforts. The interiors are adorned with period details and antiques, and every corner is carefully crafted with muted color palettes: golden and bronzed finishes, soft blue frescoes on the walls and flowery textiles on seatings and beddings. The Medieval Salons are surrounded by color-themed rooms, unfolding one another in a controlled and sophisticated clash of styles.

The Apartments in the Vineyards at the foot of the manor offer instead a modern take of the country chic style, with rustic interiors and warm atmospheres dedicated to the families that wish to enjoy the golfing experience.

A romantic walk among the vineyards discovering the literary works of Casanova, a sophisticated wine tasting in the Medieval cellars of the castle, an intense golf retreat on a professional course and an escapefrom the frantic city life: Castello di Spessa offers many solutions for the most demanding guest.

To stay at Castello di Spessa is the perfect way to dive into the typical Italian countryside, with many unforgettable options to relive the charm of another time through the expertise of its hosts and the natural treasures of the area.

Castello di Spessa

Via Spessa 1, 34070 Capriva del Friuli (GO), Italy

+39 0481 808124