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Il Palazzo Experimental, Venice

Set in the heart of Venice, a city of art, design, and fascinating historic heritage, the new Il Palazzo Experimental sits like a postmodern jewel. Designed by interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon this hotel is a mix of Venetian craftsmanship, classic designs, and cues from the Memphis Movement; a paradise for art lovers and curious travelers.

​The beautiful lagoon city of Venice in itself is a work of art. Made up of 118 small islets, Venice was a flourishing renaissance city, which still reflects its glorious history. With unsurpassable beauty, unique architecture styles, the city is a spectacular destination for family vacations or getaways.

​Slightly off Venice’s main touristic path, the Dorsoduro quarter is a quiet zone and a treat for art lovers due to its Galleria dell’Accademia and Peggy Guggenheim collection and private galleries.

Set in an ancient palazzo of the Dorsoduro quarter stands a new landmark: ​Hotel Il Palazzo Experimental.

​The beautiful il Palazzo Experimental is owned by Paris' Experimental Group, known for its modern savoir-faire and bringing the experimental cocktail bar culture in Paris.

Experimental Group’s design partner ​Dorothée Meilichzon has transformed the renaissance palace into a modern jewel box for those in search of a relaxing stay.

​A striking feature that distinguishes Il Palazzo Experimental from other Venetian residences is the extraordinary coexistence of the historic and the contemporary language reflected through the architecture and interiors.

Il Palazzo Experimental’s gothic façade bears two accesses: one from the Giudecca canal and the other from a private pier at Rio del Ognissanti.

​Inside the beautiful Palazzo Experimental, there are 32 stylish rooms and suites that pay a tribute to the classic Italian elements. The ’80s ​Memphis inspired color palette of deep red, terra cotta, sky blue, pale yellow, silvery grey and cream radiate the interiors of the hotel. Venetian Glass Lamps from Luciano Vistosi, Breccia Capraia Marble topped tables, silk-screened aluminum nightstands, all come together to form a strong identity.

Some unmissable details such as the dramatic coral walls, against the lagoon green carpet, conspire to remind you that you’re in the city of Venice!

​In an ​interview, when asked the source of inspiration for the interiors, architect Dorothée Meilichzon replied:

"The Venetian architects Andréa Palladio, Carlo Scarpa, and Gae Aulenti, antiquity, the lagoon, the facades of Venice, the ​Memphis movement, symmetry, and many others. I immersed myself in the project even listening to Venice podcasts all day ".

​Perched on the top floor of the hotel, the Dorsoduro Suite bears the hallmarks of the Experimental Group’s comfort and style. A spacious bedroom, and a private living room with cozy wood, marble decor poetically overlooks the Giudecca Canal.

The exceptional restaurant designed by Italian designer ​Cristina Celestino specializes in Venetian cuisine, which means that one can savor handmade pastas, seafood while sipping on creative cocktails- a signature of the Experimental Group renowned for introducing the craft cocktail bar culture in Paris.

​Venice may be associated with the gondoliers and historic cathedrals, but the arrival of Il Palazzo Experimental, it has provided an alternative for design-loving travelers who want a gratifying experience for both the palate and the eye.

​Il Palazzo Experimental

​Fondamenta Zattere, Dordosuro

Venice 30123