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La Foleia: Secret Getaway on the Lake

Hidden in a magical secret garden, in front of the glittering waters of a private lake, stands La Foleia, an elegant Piedmontese retreat featuring two luxury villas characterized by a unique romantic look. Discover this peaceful nest immersed in the nature: the perfect place for a spring getaway.

La Foleia is a secret oasis hidden in the green countryside of Piedmont. Composed by a splendid octagonal villa and a neoclassical pavilion, the two buildings mirror each other on either side of a fairytale-like private lake, covered by colorful water lilies and lotuses.

Gemma and Niccolò are the creative minds behind the restoration of this former private home, impeccably designed to recreate a picturesque atmosphere, where guests can truly feel transported to another world and surrounded by a peaceful environment. All around the lake and the villas is a lush forest-like garden, brimming with an exceptional diversity of trees, plants and colorful flowers.

The Relais capture the essence of authentic luxury, proposing a way of living that follows the rhythms of nature and an experience of total seclusion amidst frescoes lounges and elegant verandas surrounded by lush botanical gardens.

Behind the rose-colored walls of the villas, the interiors are furnished with precious antiques and elegant decorations recalling both the original style of the building and the environment where it is located. The Octagonal Villa features a sumptuous salon adorned with large French windows on the garden, framing the beautiful classical statues that decorate it. Its neoclassical look represents one of the two souls of La Foleia: romantic and full of grace its interiors are characterized by small niches and soft details that gives the space its distinctively alluring charm.

The Pavilion Villa is the lake’s other soul, in deep connection with this stretch of water thanks to the wide stairway that gently descends into it. Inside the villa, a grand hall is frescoed with delicate drawings representing an atmosphere of perpetual summer, with pastel shades of green and a stunning representation of the sky on the ceiling.

The bedrooms follow the same countryside look, with large libraries and wooden furnishings recalling the beautiful nature outside. La Foleia is a magical place, where nature makes you feel a part of a whole, immersed in an enchanting paradise, a stone’s throw from Lake Maggiore.

The origins of the name “Foleia” come from the Latin word for “madness”, recalling the idea of the architects who decided to transform the former oak forest into a glorious residence. Gemma and Niccolò followed the same path, creating the charming retreat that La Foleia is today.

“The atmosphere was so magical that we felt transported to another world, and we immediately started imagining the many ways we could preserve and develop the amazing potential of this unique location.”

La Foleia


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