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Italian Elegance by Inedito/Asnaghi

Classic style and Italian quality distinguish Inedito/Asnaghi design. Born in 2020 by the union of the two brands, the company merges the artisan culture with the art of experiencing beauty. Discover the story of Inedito/Asnaghi and their design philosophy, inspired by elegance and Italian know-how.

In 2020, Inedito and Asnaghi merged into one brand, introducing their new design philosophy, always keeping an eye on the past. For over 60 years, when the first padded furniture came out of Asnaghi’s workshop, each object has stood out for its quality and elegance. Inedito was founded in 2014 to embrace a new design philosophy, made of exclusivity and high-quality materials.

Together under the brand of Inedito/Asnaghi, the two companies merge the artisan culture with the art of experiencing beauty.The care for details, the attention in the choice of materials and finishes, the taste of tradition and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design to satisfy the most complex and sophisticated furnishing requests. Love and respect for tradition involves all departments of the production and defines each product, even in the latest, most modern and innovative interpretations.

The first upholstered furnishings were produced in the Asnaghi workshop over 60 years ago. What has been your evolution and what has remained of the spirit that inspired the original project?

For over 60 years - ever since the first upholstered furnishings were produced in the Asnaghi workshop - every product has been distinguished by quality, elegance, and style. For three generations, these products have found a home in the most exclusive residences and are loved by the most demanding and sophisticated clientele. Today, as in the past, all products are entirely made in Italy.

"Made in Italy" is a must, which also serves as a guarantee of high-quality furniture, recognized worldwide as a synthesis of tradition and innovation. All these years we have consistently continued to explore novel products, with regards to both design and materials. All those who have worked with us over the years and been concretely involved in the company throughout our/its long journey have never faltered in their passion and desire to innovate.

Classic style and quality design distinguish Inedito/Asnaghi furniture. What is the source of inspiration for your pieces?

We constantly strive to achieve many objectives in our work: attention to detail, careful selection of materials and finishes, a taste for tradition and craftsmanship (which enhance creativity), elegance, and a design that meets the most complex and sophisticated furnishing demands. We actively work on every single step of the production process - from ideation to prototype to final realization - united by a single goal: to bring the “art of experiencing beauty” to every room in a home. Love and respect for tradition engage all company departments and characterize every product, even the most current, modern, and innovative models.

Thanks to its well-established expertise, Made in Italy and craftsmanship have become part of Inedito/Asnaghi's DNA. How has the company carried on these important values even in the contemporary landscape?

From artisans to architects, we all work together for a common goal: quality, elegance, and style. Even today, after all these years, our furniture manages to create a unique and exclusive atmosphere in any interior. Pieces that easily coexist in every place. Elegance and a continuous search for beauty define all our furniture solutions.

Over time, we have collaborated with architects and designers to offer customers a complete interior design service. Our company provides a wide and diverse range of solutions that meet the needs of an international and diverse audience, for projects in private villas, offices, stores, hotels, and yachts. A service defined by a luxurious style, in which each piece - whether standard or custom-made - can be personalized to create a unique and exclusive interior. From boiserie to furniture, from curtains to accessories, every detail is researched and designed to bring the “art of experiencing beauty” in every furnishing proposal. The ability to customize standard solutions with tailor-made and bespoke projects, the careful research of materials, the uniqueness of the finishes, and the always up-to-date details, not least the art of craftsmanship, allow the company to develop and bring the allure of “Made in Italy” to its furniture projects. With our know-how and experience, we can satisfy our customers' requests, supporting them from the first meeting to the final stage.

Each collection is a different expression of your identity. Which one best expresses the ideal of reinterpreting a classic style with a modern twist?

The Secret Shapes collection celebrates the marriage of the Inedito and Asnaghi brands and introduces a new vision. These two brands are united by a furniture culture of home decor that looks to the future while keeping an eye on the past, with knowledge and experience spanning three generations in the industry. Attention to detail, care in the choice of materials and finishes, and a penchant for tradition are the keywords of these products.

Secret Shapes dazzles like an unveiled treasure. It is a collection waiting to be discovered in its hidden details, in the care and refinement of its finishes, and in the singularity of each finished product. This collection enhances the simplicity of form through the finesse of details. The interplay and harmony between lines and materials, the high craftsmanship, and the refined details make this collection unique and innovative. They are a tangible sign of the distinctive high craftsmanship that is entirely “Made in Italy”. It is a collection to be discovered and enjoyed, which can bring elegance and freshness to every home.