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Circle by Alessandra Facchinetti x Editions Milano

Editions Milano presents Circle: a capsule collection of conceptual, all-white tea and coffee serving sets reimagined by world-renown fashion designer Alessandra Facchinetti. Read our interview with the designer and go behind the scenes of this fashion and craft collaboration.

Five tabletop pieces, rigorously conceptualized and handcrafted to express geometric perfection. This is the result of the artistic collaboration between ​Editions Milano and Alessandra Facchinetti. Born with the aim of disrupting the way we interact with objects and celebrate the ritual of breakfast, the table set features an unconventional minimalist style characterized by pure shapes and matte textures, creating a multi-sensory experience to savor one of the most rushed-through moments of the day.

The unconventional design of these objects added up to opportunity for Editions Milano, forcing the artisans to work for the first time with porcelain and pushing beyond the boundaries of this ancient material, reinterpreting it with a contemporary approach. Straight from the fashion world, Alessandra Facchinetti has brought her unique approach to the matter, working the porcelain as a fabric and creating a sense of harmony with a combination of perfect geometries. Meet the fashion designer and explore the details of her artistic approach.

The Circle Collection​

​Meet Alessandra Facchinetti

Circle emerged from a quest for a silent subversion of everyday life in order to rediscover balance and harmony. Tell us how this idea came to be.

The Circle collection was born from the very idea of representing the ritual of breakfast – one of the moments in our daily lives that marks the beginning of each day – by creating objects that could describe the rituals of our everyday life through harmonious shapes.

As one of the most talented figures in Italian fashion, you succeeded in leaving your mark on the contemporary scene by focusing on purity of forms and linearity of compositions. How did you translate this approach into the world of design?

I have tried to apply my approach to fashion to the world of design. I work obsessively on shapes and details, focusing on the way they interact with the body - a quality all objects and clothing possess.

This project was made possible thanks to a combination of inspirations and an interplay of concepts from different fields. How did your collaboration with Editions Milano come to be?

I have been following Editions Milano’s work for some time, paying special attention to their aesthetic vision, their collaborations with important designers, and the relevance they give to Made in Italy craftsmanship, which is also an important underpinning of my personal style and approach to design. I accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm, particularly at the idea of using a material with great tradition and history. I believe the Circle Collection seamlessly represents the union of both our visions.

Circle is a collection with an unconventional design which expresses its purest essence through linear, contemporary shapes. Why did you decide to use an "ancient" material such as porcelain for the pieces?

The most stimulating challenge was precisely that of using a material with a long history and a great tradition that could be interpreted using new conventions. I tried to pair the absolute purity of porcelain with essential lines and unexpected geometries – culminating in the circle as a handle – to ultimately present it in its purest form: an absolute and opaque white.

I've always been interested in traditional craft, even as a fashion designer. It was incredibly exciting to be able to interpret this material in a contemporary way, which is something I have always tried to achieve with my work.

As suggested by its name, the new collection refers to the perfect shape of the circle, one of choice in the creative process for all pieces. What does this shape represent for you?

The idea of the circle came about at the final stage of design. I was looking for that “disruptive” element which would nevertheless create a sublime harmony of shapes. I was looking for the imperfection and I found it in the most perfect shape, the Circle.

Fashion, theater, and design: you have always embraced new horizons throughout your career, both in Italy and abroad. What does Made in Italy and its diverse manifestations amongst local craftsmanship mean to you?

I was lucky enough to be born in a country of great craftsmen and artisan traditions. This has always inspired and stimulated me to recontextualize the past, leaving a deep mark on my aesthetic vision: my obsession with details, quality and authenticity, my constant search for new stimuli and different and contemporary expressive languages, my unfailing evolution. Last but not least, my professional experiences which for the most part have been linked to brands such as Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and Tod's, all pioneers of great craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

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