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Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro
Dante Negro

Dante Negro

Furniture Maker - Veneto, Italy

Dante Negro has been developing sophisticated and bespoke indoor and outdoor designs since 1964, forging metal into chairs, tables, loungers, and sofas. Based in northern Italy and now run by Dante’s son Elia, and guided by the creative direction of Margherita Rui, it explores the soul of metal in its potential forms, creating new scenarios of elegant style, developed around skillful, intergenerational craftsmanship enhanced with unique finishes. The brand is now in its second generation, run by Dante’s son, Elia.


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Based in northern Italy and now run by Dante’s son Elia, over the years Dante Negro has developed flawless outdoor and bespoke design by forging for people, architects and brands.

In 2022 she oversaw the revisitation of the brand's Heritage collection, renamed The Past Is Not Gone, where archival outdoor furniture with the romantic shapes of bygone times, was revisited with an artist’s touch-new materials and fabrics with a delicate, natural CMF.
Blending Habitats is Dante Negro's vision of the outdoors, an invitation to rediscover an authentic relationship with the environment and to re-establish direct contact with the territory. With a primitive charm and a visionary style, the Blending Habitats collections present themselves as icons of biomorphism: caressing shapes, organic geometries, natural colors and sustainable
fabrics integrate the design of the collections with the surrounding landscape.
Blending Habitats is also a multi-material project where the accessories that complete the collections adopt sculpted metals and mirroring, marbles, silvery and crystalline lava stones and fused glass.

As often happens in Italian design, the story of the Dante Negro company is a great family history. Dante Negro started to attend wrought iron workshops at the age of twelve and was taken on by
Toni Benetton, master smith and artist, from whom helearned the art of forging. He started his entrepreneurial activities in 1964 creating classic elements and distinguishing himself by his resourcefulness and creativity. Shortly afterwards, the first line of garden furniture was created.
The recent generational change has seen his son Elia Negro transform the company into a design brand with an international reach that makes design culture the fundamental value, and sees the
production of furnishings and high-level architectural structures as the main objective. Indeed, the brand has expanded the network of artisans with whom it collaborates, setting up an extensive
production district that boasts experience in the working of glass, wood and marble.
Since 2021, the Creative Direction has been run by Margherita Rui, who started off by investigating the artisanal potential of Dante Negro and its Bespoke service, in order to identify new materials,
and experiment with innovative manufacturing techniques.

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