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Furniture Maker - Veneto, Italy

Created in 1991 in Treviso, a town 20 km from Venice, VGnewtrend gets inspiration from far away cultures, architectural forms, and the finest Italian craftsmanship. The functional pieces of design that VG creates are unique, exclusive, and made of precious materials. They are expressions of a refined luxury that is the result of continuous research. This way, the furniture “transforms the space in a truly multi-sensorial experience”.


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Furniture becomes an expression of the soul that transforms space into a real multi-sensory experience


A naturally expressive and eclectic Design

VG was founded in 1991 with a love for eclectic and outside the box design. The unusual shapes of their products are the true distinctive key through which the brand interprets and creates unique luxurious projects, with a tailor-made spirit, always keeping up with the evolution of lifestyles.

VGnewtrend makes collections of authentic and unique objects available to interior designers for use in exclusive projects, always different, never conformist, characterised by a cultured and moderately ostentatious luxury, the result of continuous research on stylishly decorative design.

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