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Venetian Mirrors

Add a touch of extravagant opulence with a timeless Venetian mirror, combining masterful craftsmanship with precious Murano glass details. Fall under the spell of these sparkling, jewel-like mirrors with their elegant sinuous motifs.

​Born in the 15th century, the Venetian mirror is one of the most authentic examples of Italian craftsmanship. Coming from the small Murano Island, in Venice, these unique masterpieces were custom made for royalty and nobles with voracious appetites for collecting precious Italian objects.

Today these objects are real rarities, clear signs of the masterful work of expert Venetian artisans who make each piece by hand with extraordinary care. Authentic Venetian mirrors are considered so elusively beautiful because of their top-secret manufacturing procedures developed by the Murano glass artisans.

This curated selection feature some of the most exclusive Venetian mirrors, from opulent and sophisticated objects made by ​Ongaro & Fuga using the “molato” technique, to the traditional ​Arte Veneziana’s pieces designed with a classic Venetian style and an antiqued finish on the mirror surface. Elegant floral motifs are used to create the graceful details of ​Luci Italia’s mirrors while ​Fratelli Tosi’s design offers a more eclectic and modern interpretation of this classic Italian masterpiece.