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8 Accent Pieces for Your Living Room

Discover these outstanding pieces that will give your living room a sophisticated look. Get inspired by the golden clock from Meccaniche Orologi, the modern armchair by Biosofa, the stunning glass vase by Carlo Moretti, the wooden cabinet by Teukho, the elegant geometric lamp by Paolo Castelli, the water-like mirror from Atlasproject, the cubist-inspired rug by Tapis Rouge and finally the sturdy console table by Draga & Aurel.

​Liberty Clock by Meccaniche Orologi

Liberty is the line of clocks dedicated to nostalgia, creativity, and, above all, freedom of imagination. It allows each and every one of its acquirers to become an artist of their own clocks and their own time. This way, in the age of massification and serial production, we aspire to realize a dream: valuing the individual and allowing anyone to see their idea of beauty, which is unique.

​Quartz Ecological Armchair by Biosofa

​This unconventional armchair offers a wraparound seating experience in an eye-catching voluminous and geometric shape that will make a statement in a contemporary interior. The two-dimensional structure made of beechwood pentagons and hexagons develops into a three-dimensional shape with crystal-like inserts in certified vegetable natural oil and officinal herbs and natural fibers covered in gray fabric.

​Gemmato Vase by Carlo Moretti

Entirely made in mouth-blown and hand-finished Murano glass with hot-applied aquamarine gem decorations and a mesmerizing way of catching the light, this ​unique vase provides a touch of elegance to any room of the house. Perfect to hold long-stemmed flowers or used as a decorative piece.

​Selene Cabinet by Teukho

​The delicate grain and shades of fossil oak blend with a special painting technique taken from the past: the egg tempera. A technique of the Italian fourteenth century handed down thanks to the "Book of Art" by Cennino Cennini. The wooden disc positioned externally invades the space, becoming a handle. Abstraction and emotion, overcome the barriers of time in this ​marvelous cabinet.

​Morandi Icone Lamp by Paolo Castelli

A mouth-blown of Murano glass lamp, the distinctive body features different geometric shapes stacked on each other: a smoky bottle and sphere, a tobacco diamond, and a cobalt blue bottle mounted upside-down to hold the light source. This floor lamp stands on a matte brass-finished metal base, with circular metal spacers in coordinating finish for a dynamic and texturally rich effect.

​Insula Aqvamater Round Mirror by Atlasproject

​This mesmerizing round mirror trascends mere function to enhance its intrinsic artistic quality, obtained by incorporating blue glass inserts into its mirrored glass body, the former reminding of water's bubbles and the latter evoking the clarity of water sources. Wood and steel complete the structure of this one-off design that is an hybrid between a mirror and true objet d'art.

​XXI Rug by Tapis Rouge

​Showcasing earthy hues and geometric lines reminiscent of a path of rocks. Hand-knotted from wool and silk threads, this ​precious rug is adorned with gold and silver threads for a luxurious touch. The piece is entirely cutomizable.

​Transparency Matters Console Table by Draga & Aurel

​This unique console table is distinguished by a stylish pairing of materials and textures. The left leg and top is made from concrete, boasting nuances in tone achieved through a technique involving the corrosion of sea salt. Finished with a cast resin insert and a brass right leg, this Console Table is handcrafted in Como, Italy.

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