About Artemest

Carpet Collages

Discover our curated collection of Carpet Collages, created with textured sections of colored fabrics organically assembled to get the finest visual impact. Bold colors, abstract shapes and organic patterns: every detail is designed to give the most original and personal touch to your environment and highlight the most authentic beauty of artisanal expertise.

Abstract rugs that incorporate fluid shapes and contrasting colors as well as organic patterns and designs, these are Carpet Collages. Discover our curated collection and experiment with bold patterns and unconventional compositions to give your environment an artistic touch. Either strategically disposed on the floor of your living room or hung up on the wall as works of art, find your inner harmony and freedom to fully enjoy our hand-crafted rugs.

From ​modern silhouettes and bold color combinations by ​Post Design, to abstract designs and unexpected shapes by ​Illulian up to the entirely customizable and made-to-measure line of contemporary rugs by ​T​apis Rouge: every piece is carefully selected to give you the freedom to experiment with different styles and utterly express your personality.