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Pastel Palette

Pastel colors are often associated with lightness, joy, and optimism. In the spring, they pair beautifully with neutral hues to create a sense of earthiness and elegance. If these are the feelings you want to infuse in your home, then choosing pastel shades to give a pop of color to your interiors might be the best choice. In our pastel-inspired collection, you will find a wide array of pieces, from furniture to décor, in a variety of colors to suit any interior style. Discover this lively collection of handcrafted products and get inspired to add colorful details to your space.

Pastel colors are thought to be psychological healers, and they never seem to go out of style as a top design trend. They give a calming and relaxing look to spaces, while retaining the energy of colour that other subdued tones often lack. Let the gentle pastel palette transform your living space into a sanctuary of comfort and style with a selection of pieces: from vases and armchairs to tables and tabletop accessories, you can find the perfect way to introduce color into your space.
For a bright and fresh look, you can pair pastels with neutrals like white, cream, and lighter wood tones. On the other hand, if you are in search of a strong look, it may be in your favor to increase the amount of pastel color by using it on your furniture and not just as accessories. Pastel on pastel can result in a faded look the eye has trouble viewing, so make sure to pair these delicate shades with darker hues, neutral colors or metallic shades to ad texture to the palette and prevent an overwhelming blend of colors.