About Artemest

Pop Art Inspired

Bold colors, bright prints and geometric shapes bring us back to the mid 1950s Pop Art Movement. Discover our selection of unique furniture, textiles, tableware and decorative arts inspired by the work of art of some of the key artists of that period: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and many other inspiring personalities.

​Lasting well through the 1950s and 1960s, pop art was considered as a dialogue between design and art that permeated into everyday objects with new and renewed ideas, colors, and notable graphic elements. Seamlessly merging the realms of popular art and Italian craftsmanship, our artisans have created an eclectic range of furniture, tabletops, and decor items.

Borrowing the same energy, Adrenalina's collection of chairs and sofas make an impactful statement, with an added sense of humor. Laura Meroni's flair for pop art results into a beautiful maple wood Intarsia sideboards with beautiful colors splashed on its surfaces.

Combining recognizable elements of pop art, with Venetian craftsmanship, ​La Fornasotta and ​Vetreria Morasso have produced some outstanding Murano glass objects, such as the ​​cactus vase and the ​multicolored glasses.

Grifo Cabinet by ​Altreforme seeks to take a more detailed approach to pop art. This brightly colored masterpiece when paired with the Mata cabinet, makes any space more uplifting.