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Sardinian Rugs

Traditional Sardinian rug weaving has its roots in the Roman and Byzantine era, where women engaged in this activity as a means to contribute to their family's sustenance. Originally, these rugs served the practical purpose of covering benches, which were used to store the bride's dowry. Today, the island of Sardinia proudly preserves this ancient tradition, with women continuing to weave rugs and carpets that have evolved into a true art form. Explore a dedicated collection showcasing the rich history of Sardinian rug weaving, delving into the unique textiles and patterns that have endured over the years.

The traditional material used for these rugs is carded wool, easily available in the Italian region due to its farming vocation. However, some natural fibers, such as linen or hemp, can serve as substitutes. The threads are woven together on traditional weaving looms, crafted by local artisans using chestnut or oak wood. The technique employed varies based on the specific pattern intended for the rug. The most traditional weaving technique involves creating raised patterns of rhombuses in different sizes using "pibiones," a type of raised stitching named after the Sardinian dialect word for “grapes.” Locals use this term due to the peculiar shape of the stitches.
The imagery depicted on Sardinian rugs encompasses traditional patterns and motifs deeply ingrained in the region's history. To recreate these images, the most commonly used colors are yellow, red, black, and brown, woven together with intricate techniques that vary based on the area of the region in which they are produced. Discover our curated selection of handwoven Sardinian rugs, each revealing traditional techniques passed down through generations, from mothers to daughters. Infuse your living spaces with a touch of Sardinian charm by selecting pieces crafted by the region's most representative artisans, such as Mariantonia Urru for Extroverso, and Sardinian brands like Sartapp, Artigiantessile, Tessile Medusa, Su Marmuri and. Le Botteghe su Gologone Scroll through our collection to find the perfect piece that complements and elevates your space.