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Summer Dining by the Sea

While we dream of long lunches and dinners by the sea under a warm sun, discover the perfect pieces to set up your authentic summer tabletop, from hand painted ceramic sets with traditional decorantions to crystal glass in bright colors that perfectly capture the essence of Italian holidays and glamour.

​Gathering around the table with friends and family during the summer is a staple of Italian culture and tradition, whether it's a big, convivial Sunday lunch at the family home or a late dinner to rest after a long day of sunbathing. To enrich the home-cooked meals and fresh cuisine, stunning tabletop is always carefully curated yet spontaneous and adaptable to any occasion.

Discover our selection of summer tabletop pieces that recall ancient artisanal traditions, such as hand-painted ceramics by Alessandro Iudici, unique silver salt cellars by Argentiere Pagliai and knives blocks by Marricreo, each inspired by the sea and bright summer colors, that will help you set the perfect mood for your summer meals.