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The Hallway & the Studio by Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Discover the hallway and the studio of L’Appartamento curated by Anne-Sophie Paillaret for Artemest. For both spaces, the Paris based designer was inspired by the instinctive reaction she had when she first saw the apartment. Round and futuristic furniture is mixed with sculptural lighting, and sweet, warm colors are in contrast with graphic patterns.

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Paris-based interior designer Anne-Sophie Pailleret is known for creating spaces that feel elegant and precious but never overdone. Her style is sophisticated and grounded in precision. For Anne-Sophie, interior design is a pragmatic endeavor that requires solutions that are both creative and esthetic. The goal is to decorate comfortable and elegant environments that enhance the art of living. To achieve this, she searches for the perfect balance; rooms are pared to their essentials and wonderfully curated. Rooms are freed from superfluous elements that detract from comfort and liberated from visual clutter. And always, there is light, perfectly modulated and controlled so that the overall ambiance radiates warmth and comfort. Each piece must be able to tell its story by naturally blending into its background, for an overall feeling of harmony in a space. Even the defects or anachronisms of a room can be turned to advantage. Sometimes, it is these very flaws that result in the most poetic details. Rooms that are overly consistent can be boring. Anne Sophie’s goal is to delight and surprise and to trigger an emotional response.

Being able to take risks is the ultimate luxury. Each project is a unique exploration and clients are my greatest muses. Finding harmony in different sensibilities is what makes this job stimulating.


The Hallway Concept

The hallway of L’Appartamento started as a white canvas where everything was possible. The long and narrow space, which connects the Studio to the other rooms of the apartment, is covered with the textural Tra 1100 Wallpaper entirely handcrafted by La Scala Milano Wallcovering, contrasting with the geometric Alfabeto Tiles by Margherita Rui for Ninefifty on the floor. The walls are further decorated by a selection of the sculptural wall lamps by Giovanni Botticelli in collaboration with Paola Paronetto, functioning as a sophisticated light gallery.

Each piece must be able to tell its story by naturally blending into its background, for an overall feeling of harmony in a space.


Featured Artisans & Designers

The Hallway project includes pieces by Giovanni Botticelli, Paola Paronetto, La Scala Milano Wallcovering and Ninefifty.

The Studio Concept

For L’Appartamento, Anne-Sophie Pailleret wanted to create a mix and contrast of sweet warm colors all over and graphic patterns, but also between round comfortable furniture s-shaped and surprising or contrasting creations for the lighting, and objects or wall decoration. For the studio, Anne-Sophie was inspired by the instinctive reaction she had when she first saw the apartment, and then by the possibility to style it with Artemest pieces. She chose round and futurist furniture’s shapes, avant-garde and surprising such as the Thumb Asymmetrical Rust Arcmhair by Fratelli Boffi and the Seychelles Morning Rouge by Tapis Rouge. To create the right atmosphere, Anne Sophie picked her favorite range of warm colors. Anne-Sophie’s style is chic, lively, but also tailor-made, with lots of details that can be joyful, surprising and fresh - never museum-like.

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Hand work, refinement, surprise, joy, comfort: all what I simply need when I have to create an interior design.


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