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Discover newly designed pieces by Italian artisans for Milan Design Week's Digital Edition

​Welcome to the second edition of Virtual Craft Week: a digital celebration of Italian design, exquisitely crafted by local artisans and curated by Artemest. Kickstarting the design season in Italy, Virtual Craft Week launches as part of Milan Design Week's Digital Edition, from April 12th-18th.

Artemest continues to support Italian artisans, designers and artists by creating a curated space to preview this season’s new collections, with a strong focus on opposing viewpoints: a reflection on modern living via its Maximal and Minimal iterations.

Discover a handpicked selection of the best new arrivals in furniture, lifestyle, lighting and home décor, through the lens of carefully selected Maximalist and Minimalist edits. Inspired by this year’s Milan Design Week’s theme, Forms of Living, our opposing collections give center stage to the diverging currents that permeate contemporary design, creating space for contrasting identities to coexist.

Browse through our Maximal collection for a veritable cabinet of curiosities, featuring Valentina Giovando’s bold chandeliers, ​Bronzetto’s nature-inspired Hortus brass sconces, ​Chiara Provasi’s animal print chairs and the newest additions from Casarialto’s bespoke service, Casarialto Atelier.

In contrast, explore our Minimal edit for design that’s pared down to its bare minimum, with monochrome shades, architectural shapes and sleek silhouettes. Discover Baleri Italia’s First Tables by Baldessari & Baldessari, Dimarmo’s newest CS Collection by sid&sign studio and sustainable design by Keep Life.

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Thursday April 15th, 11am EST

Ippolita Rostagno Meets Casarialto

Artemest Co-Founder and Creative Director Ippolita Rostagno in conversation with Catherine Urban of Casarialto about their newly launched collaboration project, Casarialto Atelier

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