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Clean and Luminous Spaces by Grisoro Designs

Discover luminous interiors by Grisoro Designs and meet the founder Gabriela Gargano, an eclectic interior designer with a background in finance and real estate investing. By blending clean lines with rich textures and eclectic pieces, referencing art and vintage design, each interior designed by the studio carries a distinctive and luxurious style.

​Established in 2016, Grisoro Designs is a full service interior design firm located in New York City. With a style that blends clean lines with rich textures and eclectic pieces, referencing art and vintage design. The process is anchored in a deep understanding of each client's design goals, functional needs and lifestyle. By implementing a transparent process, clear communication, and active project and budget management, the studio is able to provide a seamless experience, resulting in a beautiful and functional space that truly feels like home.

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​What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Luxury, quality, innovation, and heritage. I love that many Italian companies are still family-owned and deeply seeded in tradition. When a piece is "Made in Italy" I know there is a history, elegance, and refinement to it.

Who/What has inspired most of your work/style?

Travel and art are what inspire me the most. Traveling to another country and absorbing the colors and patterns, experiencing the architecture, and learning about the local craft is always eye-opening and seems to fill me with new ideas! I find art to inspire me through the color palette, texture, and line - all things that correlate to interiors.

Design and craftsmanship are of equal importance to me. Appreciating an item not only for its beauty, but for the technique in which it was made, and the hands that created it makes a piece special, and ultimately something one can cherish for generations. Fine craftsmanship is an art, and we must value it as a society, or we risk losing those techniques with the current generation of makers.

​Describe your Design approach and philosophy.

A home should be a space that is equally inspiring as it is warm and personal. By understanding how a client wishes to live, along with their functional needs, aesthetic preferences, and a sense of place, we can translate our vision in a way that truly feels authentic for each person. Aesthetically, it's a balance of clean lines layered with handcrafted and vintage pieces, and of course, beautiful art, which yields a space that feels collected. A well designed home should be equally fresh as it is timeless, and ultimately a place that our clients can grow with over time. To achieve this, we are focused on process and execution, as it ensures a fun and smooth experience. From floor plans and design concepts to final installation, we believe meticulous attention to detail results in the most beautiful outcome for every client.

What is the one design/decor you cannot imagine your clients (or yourself) living without?

Vintage/Antiques - whether an iconic design, a family heirloom, or a unique vintage piece from the flea market, it's a must! Incorporating pieces with a history, even in the most contemporary spaces, gives a home a beautiful soulfulness.

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