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Lilly Bunn's Fashionable Interiors

Discover curated interiors by Lilly Bunn, who creates comfortable and glamorous spaces according to her clients' needs. Based in New York, her boutique interior design firm has been recognized by House Beautiful, Elle Decor and many other publications.

​​Lilly Bunn Interiors is a boutique interior design firm specializing in expertly curated interiors built by the best tradespeople in New York. Lilly started LBI in 2008 after having worked as a fashion editor at Town & Country magazine and then as a designer at McMillen, Inc. As a native New Yorker who has been around good taste all of her life, Lilly knows how to live fashionably and comfortably. Lilly believes every household should be comfortable and inviting for ALL the people who live there! Even the dog needs be able to get cozy on the sofa! Recent projects include countless New York apartment, a house in Palm Beach and a beautiful beach house in Watermill. Lilly’s sense of style has been recognized by many media outlets including House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Elle and Lonny.

What does made in Italy mean to you?

"Made in Italy" is synonymous with creativity, modernity and most importantly, beauty.

Who or what has inspired your work and style?

My family has always been my inspiration. I decorate my house (and yours) so that the space takes loving care of the people who live there. Every piece of furniture is selected carefully so that it belongs with the rest of the room but never looks boring.

Beautiful craftsmanship is what gives furniture personality. A chair is pretty boring without interesting lines and thoughtful upholstery. I love great design because it makes ordinary things look beautiful.

Describe your design approach and philosophy.

My main job as a designer is to figure out how the client lives and what he loves. Put it all together and make it super comfortable.

What is the one décor you cannot imagine your clients or yourself living without?

I could never live without at least one super deep sofa. That sofa is where I drop after a long day of work and that's were I truly unwind. It helps if the fabric is soft and I can put buy feet up.

What is your idea of the 'ultimate luxury'?

Luxury is where beauty and comfort meet. The challenge in design is to find pieces that are beautiful, functional and comfortable. All of the parts in the room need to work together.