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Ancient Frescoes in Via Stampatori

Step into an ancient palazzo in Via Stampatori and discover a true design gem hidden in this Turin B&B, framed by luscious terraces and wisterias. This antique structure in the pulsing heart of Turin is decorated by unique décor, marking several moments of design history.

Located in the beating heart of Turin, the ​Via Stampatori Bed & Breakfast is a true hidden gem of the city, rising in a perfectly preserved Palazzo of the late 1500s.

The construction works began in 1585 and were commissioned by Abbot Filiberto Scaglia di Verrua. The strategic position of the building is ideal to move around the city by foot and visit all the main attractions such as Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, Reggia di Venarla, and Castello di Rivoli.

The building features a courtyard with a loggia featuring frescoes, by artist Antonio Parentani, representing allegorical figures. These paintings on the facades and the beautiful courtyard are a rare finding in Turin palaces, depicting deities and characters including perhaps the owners themselves. Today, the B&B is managed by Elena Boggio, who was able to open the doors of this beautiful piece of history to tourists from all around the world.

With a good spirit we welcome those who love the history of our country, who wants to look out over colors and figures drawn over 500 years ago!-Elena Boggio

​The bed and breakfast is situated in a big apartment located on the top floor of the antique palazzo. The rooms develop around a long terrace overlooking the frescoed squared courtyard and are romantically framed by a beautiful interweaving of wisteria all around the perimeter. Afra and Tobia Scarpa's furniture, Ingo Maurer and Tom Dixon's lamps are only some of the incredible designers showcased in these interiors, authors of pieces carefully selected by the owner of Via Stampatori.

The interior design of the B&B is defined by an encounter of different centuries, where the contemporary meets the antique. Each space showcases simple lines, along with muted and soothing colors with a furnishing style that is the result of Elena Boggio's passion for design and architecture.

The white walls are complemented by a curated selection of contemporary art paintings and sculptures, together with sought-after olfactory elements that recall the architecture, the history of palazzo Scaglia di Verrua and the territory, creating an atmosphere of welcoming elegance.

Sculptural lighting adorns the high ceilings and the floors carry a beautiful warm parquet, underlining the high craftsmanship involved in the process of restructuring the place and preserving the antique finishes. The high windows allow for the natural light to come in and completely warm up the spaces, making light the key elements in each room.

The structure offers a restorative area where is present a typical sixties cabinet in full contrast with the red lacquered table in the middle of the room, a place where all guests are free to have their meal or use as workspace. The chandelier is characterized by a contemporary design and is the main protagonist within the dining area; this astonishing piece is composed of beautiful paper notes carrying dedications of love in every language, philosophical thoughts, and unique scribbles and drawings.

Since I have been lucky enough to live in this silent and charming building, I like to think of sharing the experience with those who visit our city-Elena Boggio

​The luscious terrace is the perfect place where to have breakfast in the warm seasons, sit under a gazebo and savor the typical flavors of this region. Exquisite pastries, organic jam and fresh fruit will be the sweet start to a good morning, all served with a traditional set of coffeepots, teapots and cups in refined artisanal ceramic painted by hand.

Design is only one of Elena Boggio's interests, as she ventured into establishing a company of sought-after scents and perfumes called ​Viastampatori Parfum, infusing unique aromas for each room in the house and created according to the principles of Feng Shui.

B&B Via Stampatori


Via Stampatori 4 - 10122 Torino

Torino TO

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