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Monastero Arx Vivendi: Blissful Haven on the Lake

Nestled in the heart of Arco, a characteristic hamlet near Lake Garda, Arx Vivendi is an exclusive walled monastery, transformed into a safe refuge from the chaos of the ordinary city life. Discover the surprising details of this ancient place and experience the luxury of slow living.

Located at the northern tip of Lake Garda, in the small hamlet of Arco, ​Monastero Arx Vivendi is a charming hotel obtained by the renovation of a 17th century monastery. Born with the aim of restoring the spiritual dimension of the ancient monastic center, the original architecture has been preserved, highlighting its structural and decorative elements as the main features of the hotel.

The current owners of this majestic architectural artwork decided to transform the old building into a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation, a portal between the mountains and the lake where the guests can enjoy one of the most genuine ways of luxury: peace of mind.

The interior of Arx Vivendi is a contemporary reinterpretation of the old monastic style, featuring a calming and muted color scheme and a minimalist approach in the choice of furniture and décor. Entering the space, the guest can truly feel a sensation of relax and deep respect for the place: the warm light coming from the large windows floods the airy rooms characterized by high ceilings and pure white walls.

This unique charm and special atmosphere will leave you in awe, admiring the beautiful details remained from the old structure, such as beautiful frescoes, majestic arches and the raw stone that gives to the spaces a unique antique allure. Subtle statement accents of sage-green and terracotta are the only traces of color of the interior spaces, made even more significant by the presence of elegant bespoke furniture in light gray, beige and black.

To bring a touch of nature inside, raw wood has been restored and characterizes all the spaces revealing its grain and warm colors. Thanks to its unique origin, the building features an incredible variety of environments, all characterized by intrinsic geometrical rigor that transport the viewer into ancient atmosphere, a safe haven where the art of living well is celebrated.

The majesty and rigor of the architecture, the long corridors, the vaulted ceilings, all of these features combine to give these spaces a real old-world feel.

The monastery’s lush garden has been transformed into a wellness paradise, surrounded by the nature overlooking the incredible mountain landscape. Here Arx Vivendi offers to the guests a wide environment of relaxation and treatment rooms, and an exclusive wellness path where the great protagonist is a majestic garden pool.

Austere and at the same time contemporary, Monastero Arx Vivendi is a timeless setting where the art of living and dwelling has been refined across the centuries, and a harmonious sense of calm takes over amidst its solid, rigorous compositional features.

Monastero Arx Vivendi


Via Mantova, 13, 38062 - Arco (TN)

+39 0464 748059