Exclusive Shoe Accessories by Turms

Read our interview with Marche based Turms, a family business founded in 1962 that produces exclusive luxury shoe molds and shoe accessories characterized by the timeless quality and superb technique of Italian craftsmanship. The precious materials used and the eco-friendly production are the pillars of Turms' long history of handcrafted objects.

Turms, named after the Etruscan god, was founded by Mario Chiurchiù in 1962 and it is now carried on by the two sons Geremia and Samuele. The brand is specialized in the crafting of luxury accessories for the care and storage of Italian leather shoes, producing beautiful objects that can stand the test of time and environment friendly.

Turms' expertise and original style makes them a true treasure in the world of footwear.

How was Turms created?

Turms was created within the family business formerly known as Formificio Veregra, now Multiforme, founded by our father, Mario Chiurchiù in 1962. He produced shoe molds and accessories and, now that we two brothers, Geremia and Samuele Chiurchiù, have taken over the business, the company still works in that very same field. Our goal is to share with the world a cultural heritage that is endangered by the mass production of disposable objects that lack intrinsic value. Our products embody our culture and a long history of handcrafted objects. They are the result of hours of patient work and should be appreciated over time and gifted with love.

What is the origin of the name Turms?

Turms is the name of an Etruscan god, similar to the Greek Hermes and the Roman Mercury. The protector of travelers, he was depicted wearing winged sandals and there is a statue of him at the Louvre Museum in Paris. We chose him as our symbol because Etruscans were the indigenous people of Italy, with their own language, culture, and remarkable manual and artistic skills and they lived in our region of Marche. We also wanted to make Turms a universal messenger with a new vision: save the best we have and make handcrafted footwear eternal.

What makes Turms’ products unique?

Our products are crafted to last. They are unique and original, exclusively crated in the Marche region. Some of them are protected by a patent, because they feature original and unrepeatable designs. They are made with precious materials, such as solid local beech wood, ash, lime wood, Italian walnut, cherry, and olive wood. The wooden box, the wooden shoe rack, and the wooden cabinet, if carefully kept, can be passed down from generation to generation. Our suppliers of essential oils, precious waxes, and water-based varnishes have developed these products based on our needs and our exclusive formulation.

How did your surroundings influence your work?

The Marche region has a centuries-old tradition in footwear – specifically leather and wood crafting. The production of our objects is carried out either in our company’s workshop or, at the farthest, no more than 50 kilometers away, in Montegranaro in province of Fermo. This proximity allows us to connect with our suppliers on a daily basis. We can count on our common cultural grounds, whose core principles are a job well done and a love for beautiful things. We in turn have the chance to share the same values: honesty, respect for nature, and even the legendary frugality of the people from this region, as opposed to empty consumerism.

How are your products environmentally friendly?

Our production is eco-friendly. All of our wood, including that used for our brushes and our boxes, is dyed with water-based varnishes that show off the wood grain. When we keep the wood’s natural finish, we treat it with oils and beeswax to enhance the intrinsic beauty of solid wood. The base of our shoe waxes is made of essential oils and orange rind’s terpene, a natural solvent. The product used to protect our suede contains natural ingredients and no aerosols (it doesn’t have VOCs – the compounds that cause the ozone hole and are harmful to people’s health). Both the products and the shoe waxes are stored in containers made of aluminum, a material that protects them from rust and is 100% recyclable.

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