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Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Minimalist lines and an innovative spirit define the furniture pieces by Milan-based design brand Myin. Transforming the idea of “interior design” into that of “a design of interiority”, Myin takes pride in their deep study of the functional elements of objects as well as the individuals who use them. Essential exteriors open to reveal singular creativity in the prints enhancing their interiors, deftly made using digital technologies. Myin embraces a novel interpretation of design: a design “of the soul” merging the pursuit of style with a conceptual artistic approach.


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Myin creations invent new minimalism. Complements with a clean and essential external design that, once opened, surprise the eye with an explosion of creativity.


A new design of the soul capable of combining an aesthetic approach with a more conceptual one: this is the origin of Myin, the design brand born from the encounter between the Italian-Argentinean designer Luciana Gomez and the very Italian Carmelo Calanni Rindina, a craftsman by tradition and above all by choice. Myin's creations, therefore, invent new minimalism: lines of furniture that in the immediate do not expose the soul, but leave it up to those who own them to choose how and when to make it evident. The artistic style blends with craftsmanship: every single piece is handmade in Italy. True sartorial quality, which can go as far as to complete personalization.

For Luciana Gomez, founder and designer of Myin, the inspiration came from observing the typical architecture of Milan. Many of the oldest and most prestigious buildings in the center have a simple, almost austere aesthetic on the outside. While upon entering they reveal unexpected and lush courtyards and gardens. Just like Myin, with its minimal lines that reveal an unexpected creative soul inside.

Design for Myin also means attention to the environment. With the special 'UV polymerization' printing technique, the liquid inks become solid, guaranteeing truly ecological characteristics: they do not contain solvents, do not require evaporation, thus avoiding the emission of substances into the air, and do not require high temperatures, thus ensuring lower energy consumption.

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