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Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

Founded in 1946, Salvatori is a design company specialized in natural stone craftsmanship. Renowned for its elegant and innovative products, Salvatori has risen to the international stage, setting the standard for an evocative “design meets natural stone” aesthetic. From stunning textures for walls to interior design products, each piece is an alluring combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and contemporary design. The company’s deep-rooted passion for natural stone distinguishes its defining characteristic: each product is distinctly unique, as no two pieces are alike.


Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

Iconic glassmaking company Cappellin Venini &C. was founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappelin. Divided and renamed Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini in 1925, it soon became a well-recognized name in artistic glass production, reaching its golden age in the 1980s with important collaborations with distinguished artists, designers, and architects. Venini’s exquisite blown glass objects represent the perfect marriage between Murano’s tradition and original designs by artists like Alessandro Mendini, Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, and Carlo Scarpa, just to name a few. Our customers favorites: Venini vases, Venini table lamps.

Bitossi Ceramiche

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Since 1871 the Bitossi family has manufactured ceramics in Montelupo Fiorentino, where ceramicists have thrived since the 16th century. The brand was established in 1921 and in the ‘50s Aldo Londi’s artistic direction started a successful collaboration with architect Ettore Sottsass and began a series of relationships with important designers who, attracted by the value of this historic brand, keep creating unique, handmade collections. This extraordinary heritage is now being rediscovered and developed under the direction of fourth-generation family member, Cinzia Bitossi.


Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Carlo Ginori started manufacturing porcelain pieces in 1735 in his workshop in Doccia, Tuscany, setting the benchmark for luxury home décor products ever since. This prestigious company was run by the same family until 1896, when it was acquired by Richard of Milan and the brand was created. Richard Ginori remains the quintessential maker of sophisticated porcelain pieces and demonstrates the ability to reinterpret its iconic history through collaborations with important designers and artists, like Gio Ponti. Our customers favorites: Richard Ginori vases.


Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Based in Verona, Codiceicona was founded in 2017 as brand ambassador of Italian design excellence, promoting timeless furniture, lighting, and home décor worldwide. The brand owns the rights to selected items by the great Italian masters of the Twentieth century revisited with contemporary flair. These iconic designs are revived by talented artisans in collaboration with Italian companies to capture the essence and authentic character of the famous designers who first created them.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Strategically located in the Brianza textile hub, spHaus is a cutting-edge design company established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 producing 100% Italian-made, high-end contemporary indoor and outdoor upholstered couches, armchairs, and a wide range of home decor accessories. Eschewing standard design conventions while not losing sight of tradition and innovation, spHaus pieces are marked by a sleek aesthetic with a formal functional character created in collaboration with Italian and international designers.

Slow Design 44

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy | Designer

Based in Pordenone in the Interni 44 headquarters, Slow Design 44 is a young brand created with the aim of connecting Italian artisan heritage with novel approaches to home decor and interior design in pursuit of a more versatile, conscious lifestyle. A simple yet sophisticated style defines the brand’s collections, each piece is entirely handcrafted by local artisans using natural materials sourced in Italy and designed to complement elegant homes. Slow Design 44 wraps artisan savoir-faire and sustainability into a refined and artistic concept that will never go out of style.


Marche, Italy | Lighting Maker

Founded in 2005 by Davide Diamantini and based in Fossombrone in the heart of the Marche region, Karman specializes in eclectic lighting solutions with a distinctive, unconventional style influenced by the decorative arts. Designed for both residential and contract interiors or exteriors, their whimsical light sculptures break with the classic schemes of lighting, combining high-quality materials like hardwoods, glass, and ceramic with premium textiles like linen and lace, striking a sublime balance of tradition and innovation.


Sicilia, Italy | Marble Designer

Founded in 2020, Kimano is a brand born from the well-established experience of Ducale Marmi, a leading company in marble processing based in Custonaci (Trapani), Sicily. Synonymous with design and refinement, Kimano’s Collections combine craftsmanship with advanced technologies to reveal designs that reinterpret marble in new forms, functions, and aesthetics all the while enhancing its exceptional beauty. A harmony of tradition and novel design approaches, colors and forms, permeates Kimano’s individual pieces and collections.

Compagnia dell'Elefante

Toscana, Italy | Accessories Maker

Specialized in decorative table setting, Compagnia dell’Elefante is an artisan brand located in Florence established in 2013 by Angela Pescarolo and Annalisa Passigli. The elegant collections of placemats, coasters, and other home decor accents are characterized by colorful patterns inspired by East Asia, botanical images, and vintage paintings and maps, all designed and produced locally in collaboration with the graphic design studio Sundog Studio.

Acqua di Parma

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Accessories Maker

For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest partnered with Acqua di Parma on a limited-edition set celebrating Italian artisanship and traditions. Acqua di Parma is a symbol of excellence, craftsmanship and Italian lifestyle. The brand started over one hundred years ago in 1916 with the famous COLONIA, the icon of the Maison and its values, celebrating a passion for beauty, attention to detail, an essential and bright elegance, and a contemporary interpretation of the genuine Italian style. Acqua di Parma has been part of the LVMH Group since 2001


Lombardia, Italy | Wallpaper Maker

Misha was created to bring the excellence of ancient craftsmanship into contemporary lifestyle through the merging of tradition and innovation. Throughout its range of products, including precious silk wallpaper, fabrics, embroidery and furnishing accessories, Misha re-discovers the beauty and uniqueness of handmade art. The collections of drawings, inspired by ancient decorative traditions, have been reinterpreted with Italian creativity and taste, producing elegant and sophisticated interior designs that can decorate contemporary spaces.

Nuove Forme

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Founded in 1993, Nuove Forme follows on the footsteps of Alvino Bagni, an expert in Art History and Italian Design, who founded the previous ceramic atelier in 1946. Together with Gianfranco Ghiretti, Paolo Nerucci, and Maria Chiara Ghiretti, he creates beautiful ceramic pieces using techniques honed with passion and decades of practice. Nuove Forme owns several historical designs, carefully kept in the archives, that are constantly developed through new experiments and collaborations with artists, designers, and architects.

Vittore Frattini

Lombardia, Italy | Artist

Born in 1937 in Varese, Lombardy, Vittore Frattini first encountered sculpture in his father’s atelier and continued his passion at the prestigious Accademia di Brera. His first solo exhibit in 1957 prompted both national and international retrospectives on an expansive body of work that has since appeared in numerous publications. Throughout his career, Frattini has made a simple line the cornerstone of his aesthetic, creating expressive pieces of complex artistic value, distinctive for their unique use of color, the essential harmony, and elegance. His works are present in private and public collections, and a large sculpture built-in 2002 welcomes passengers at the exit of Malpensa Airport. The larger form has a vertical thrust which is emphasized by the bands of color which enrich it. The airport is the means for going way up on high; for being over the earth towards the sky.

Carrara Home Design

Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

A passion for marble inherited from his grandfather Gualtiero Danesi inspired Marco Danesi to establish Carrara Home Design in 1985. His small workshop was located in the heart of the Carrara Marble Quarries, specifically in the Fantiscritti, the place where Michelangelo choose blocks for his masterpieces. Danesi’s unique creations define a new type of classic, in which traditional artistic craftsmanship and modern trends converge. These pieces bear the distinctive marks of fine artisan workmanship, handcrafted using exclusively material from quarries in Tuscany.

LO Decor

Lombardia, Italy | Textile Designer

Lo Decor is a luxury interior design firm established by Lorenza Briola in 2017, noted for its highly sophisticated aesthetic and meticulous production process. Central to the brand is a research and innovation ethos that is evident in all its pillows, from thread and color selection to the final motif design. All pieces are marked by simple versatility and charming hues that are easy to mix and match. Based in Carimate (Como), Lo Decor places their customers at the center of its creations, providing customizations that embody each vision and interior need.

Officina Ciani

Toscana, Italy | Blacksmith

Officina Ciani continues the artistic tradition of wrought iron production started in the historic Emporio San Firenze company by Bruno Ciani in 1939. Drawing from the passion and wealth of technical skills of this family business, experienced craftsmen at Officina Ciani enrich metals such as iron, bronze, steel, and brass with glass, crystal, marble, and textiles in customizable combinations. The resulting furniture and lighting creations are distinctive for their exquisite quality and dual indoor and outdoor use.


Lombardia, Italy | Carpet Maker

Nodus is a company based in Varedo, near Monza, that produces exclusive rugs designed by innovative artists from around the world. Nodus uses selected materials and employs hand-picked artisans to create captivating rugs marked by unconventional designs with dynamic and organic shapes. With a collection of over 50 rugs, each piece is a work of art, entirely hand-woven, made to order, and customized per client’s specifications. Nodus prides itself on a moral production practice that provides fair work conditions and compensation.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

A balanced combination of tradition and innovation is the trademark of Exto, a Brianza-based company founded by Andrea Galimberti in 2018. Exto is specialized in the creation of timeless, sophisticated pieces that boast an heirloom quality, the designs arising from meticulous attention to detail, technological know-how, and an eye for functionality. The strength of the brand lies in the personalization of materials - metals, prized woods combined with cowhide, parchment, raw iron and polished steel - making each piece unique and treasured.