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FiammettaV Home Collection

Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

In 1818 the Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este granted the Vanelli family the right to excavate Carrara marble. Since then, the Vanelli quarries have been providing marble for the most important European capitals and Fiammetta Vanelli has inherited this extraordinary heritage. Her exquisite taste shapes the precious stone into delicate shapes, combining the thousand-year old Italian artisan tradition with the most advanced technologies to create unique and sophisticated pieces.

Casa Bugatti

Lombardia, Italy | Silversmith

For 90 years, Bugatti proposals have been distinguished by the unique style in which high technology blends with Italian taste for shapes and details; links with the territory and craft tradition live together with the eyes open to the contemporary world and its values; from experience sharing to environmental sustainability. Owing to the contribution of a large team of draughtsmen and designers, Bugatti produces small and large treasures for the home that interpret changing desires and enrich life’s habits and environments.

Fratelli Boffi

Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

At the turn of the 1920s, Carlo Boffi became famous for being one of the best chair carvers in Brianza, the cabinetmaking district near Milan. Federico, Roberto, and Michele Boffi, the second generation of family craftsmen, took over the business in 1953. Today, thanks to its exquisite crafting tradition and the collaborations with famous designers, Fratelli Boffi is an established company that produces unique pieces for prestigious interiors, both private and contract, combining the finest materials and finishes with playful designs.


Piemonte, Italy | Wallpaper Maker

Originally established in 2008 as La Scala Milano Wallcovering, Artmura is a family-owned business based in Italy that designs and creates contemporary handcrafted wallcoverings. Specializing in decorative relief art, its unique style features a blend of geometric shapes and textures, complemented by a careful selection of colors and effects. Artmura is committed to conducting continuous materials research and developing new production techniques, which allows it to offer a variety of customization options. All of its collections can be customized for color, effect, and pattern, and it is possible to collaborate in developing new designs. Artmura commitment to sustainability is reflected in its use of only natural raw materials and water-based colors, as well as in its eco-friendly production processes.

Sergio Villa

Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

The Sergio Villa brand houses a workshop located in the heart of Brianza, the famous cabinet-making district near Milan. Sergio Villa’s furniture collection boasts bold pieces that merge traditional design and contemporary functionality for a timeless and eclectic effect. Sergio Villa has a sartorial approach to fashioning its creations, distinctive for their exquisite craftsmanship, elegant finishes, and unique color combinations.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Carpanelli is an "evergreen" company that recalls memory and tradition interpreting it in an innovative way. It stands out for the recognisability of its design and for the workmanship of high cabinetmaking. It expresses its creative identity through a path of constant research and experimentation that aims to meet the needs of the most demanding international clientele. Our stylistic proposal summarizes a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact. The concept of luxury is interpreted as the ability to create personalized furnishing solutions that enhance our craftsmanship quality and attention to detail.

Waiting For The Bus

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Germana Scapellato was born in Sicily and studied in Milan at the Institute of Design. In 2013 she founded Waiting for the Bus, a project that mixes her two passions: the joy of traveling and the concept of home as the place of the heart and the foundation of hospitality. Traveling around Italy, Scapellato gets inspiration for traditional and iconic objects that she reinterprets, creating fascinating pieces that boast a contemporary sensibility while still retaining their ancient taste and centuries-old memory.


Toscana, Italy | Leathersmith

Founded in Pisa, Cassigoli creates modern masterpieces that retain the precious allure of antiques. This timeless synthesis of contemporary and traditional is deeply rooted in the expertise of craftsmen who can onlybe found in Tuscany, a land that has produced generations of skilled professionals, trained since the Renaissance in centuries-old techniques. These exclusive and refined pieces are crafted with the finest materials for a luxurious allure.

Porte Italia

Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Creating art in the form of furniture, Porte Italia merges old-world Italian design and modern aesthetic to craft the only existing hand-painted furniture fashioned in the 18th century Venetian style. This artistic venture was spearheaded by American designer Ann Graham and Enrico Lenarduzzi and his family, reviving the 400year-oldartistic craftendemic to the region. This family-run company is unique also for its business philosophy, adopting the innovative approach of enlisting the entire villages of Terzo di Aquileia and Cervignano to bring timeless works of art to life.

Il Paralume Marina

Veneto, Italy | Lighting Maker

Paralume Marina started in 1987 when husband and wife Ferronato-Simoncello opened their small family business, inspired by a common passion for decorative lighting. Their son Thomas and Simone expanded the company outside the national borders, making it an international brand that mixes design and innovation with traditional handcrafting techniques. The combination of brass, 100% Italian crystal, Murano glass, and precious fabrics create one-of-a-kind and exclusive pieces of great visual impact.

Ceramiche Baroquè

Sicilia, Italy | Ceramist

After fifteen years as a renowned sommelier, Dario Piluso left his career behind to run a thirty-year pottery workshop run by his mother Santina Raimondo. This is how Ceramiche Baroquè came to life, with the purpose of reinventing traditional Caltagirone pottery in an exquisitely contemporary aesthetic for fine dining, mixology, and home décor. Unique techniques mastered by expert hands ensure each piece is unrepeatable, molded to let ordinary and extraordinary coexist.

Livoni 1895

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Livoni’s legacy began in 1895 with Edoardo Livoni, continuing with his son Giovanni in the 1920’s and his grandson Luciano in the 70s. The family company has expanded and strengthened over the years, since 1997 with the Zilio family, first with Marco Zilio and then with Maurizio Zilio. In 2022, Tekhne became part of Livoni. LIVONI 1895 stands out for its history, tradition and ability to research and innovate processes and products. Each piece carries a rich story, representing a heritage of continuous evolution and tailored solutions.

Paolo Giordano

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Born in Naples in 1954, Paolo studied architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, where he now lives and works. After a career as a photographer, he traveled to India in 1993 and lived there till 1999, founding I+I, a company that produces handmade pieces. He now continues experimenting both in photography and design, concentrating predominantly on the production of exquisite rugs and other objects in limited series characterized by an ethnic charm. These iconic pieces combine innovative technologies and the excellence of handcrafted artisanal methods.

Sigma L2

Toscana, Italy | Lighting Maker

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you make": this vision is an integral part of the Granchi family DNA. For over 100 years an artistic DNA has been flowing in this family where the passion for creation, the unpredictability of the idea, the love for beauty are the fundamental concepts that give life to the creations. Today Simone and Francesca Granchi are the second generation, they introduce innovative processes and experiment with new combinations bringing the company to express itself on custom designs.


Veneto, Italy | Blacksmith

Ilario Mingardo founded his blacksmith workshop in Monselice, near Padua, in 1970. Over the years, the company has collaborated with architects, starting with Carlo Scarpa, and important institutions such as the Museo del Novecento in Milan, Parco della Musica in Florence and the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari. Forty years after the creation of the workshop, Ilario’s son, Daniele, started his own brand to combine exquisite craftsmanship with contemporary design. His pieces feature a minimalist approach and are all hand-wrought by a highly skilled team of specialized artisans.


Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Albedo, stemming from the Latin albus, meaning white, refers to the relationship between an object and reflected light. Established in 2016 by a duo of professionals in the furniture industry, this brand has been operating on the belief in the Italian design ability to captivate an international audience ever since. These unique collections are inspired by light and shadows and their effects on varied surfaces. Each and every handcrafted piece bears a striking personality, descending from a culture of craftsmanship characteristic of the “Made in Italy”.

Hebanon Fratelli Basile - 1830

Campania, Italy | Furniture Maker

Ascanio Basile, a Sicilian working in Campania, made his first collection of furniture for his wife in 1830. For five generations, continuing the family tradition of mastering ebony work and exquisite custom carpentry, his family has been producing luxurious interior design pieces elaborating classic design with an elegant, contemporary charm. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind functional objet d’art that perfectly combines design and millenary artisanal techniques, using the finest materials.

Daniela Forti

Toscana, Italy | Glassmith

Daniela Forti was born in Rome, where she studied architecture and interior design. When she moved to Tuscany and opened her workshop there, she started collaborating with glassmakers and researching the dualism between light and glass. She hand-manufactures each piece using the “vetrofusione” technique: by melting glass, this artist creates whimsical, strikingly original worlds where this material acquires vivid colors and malleable shapes, and light gains a new, metaphysical essence


Lombardia, Italy | Artist

FG Art & Design creates luxe art and design pieces 100% Made in Italy. Founder Francesco Faravelli and his team collaborate with renowned architects, interior designers, luxury showrooms, artists, and artisans in Italy and worldwide to ensure a sartorial and refined approach. Empathy, passion, and aesthetic sensitivity drive FG's commitment to continuously research and experiment with new materials and methods. Their portfolio includes collaborations with top furniture companies and architectural firms, embodying excellence in art and design.