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Emilia Romagna, Italy - Metalsmith
The unique design of Splot Design is the result of creative experimentation and careful craftsmanship that began in 2018 in Piacenza, Emilia Romagna. The making is inextricably linked to a process that transforms, through expertise, the raw material into a work of art. The tradition inherited from High Craftsmanship allows this professional studio to develop collections that tell an all-Italian story, a story that speaks of prestige, highest quality and exclusivity.

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Splot Design

SPLOT DESIGN is a studio of creative minds with a passion for art and innovation applied to design. A garden where experienced professionals take care of each project treating it as a unicum, creating tailor-made solutions. A team in which different cultures and backgrounds converge, whose unifying element is the artistic approach inspired by contemporary art and oriented toward the overall vision. 

At the head of these creatives, we find Svetlana Golubeva. Her interest in art has led her to experience people, ideas and materials. A fundamental element of her work is entanglement, understood as experimentation with complicity: visions, gestures and desires of clients intersect to become design work.

In the sphere of artistic experimentation and research of innovations for design, special attention is paid to the use of recycled materials. With this in mind, SPLOT was born, an exclusive Italian creation born from the encounter between high craftsmanship and luxury recycled materials.

SPLOT creations are limited editions or unique pieces, customizable and made to measure. Italian craftsmanship is at the heart of every piece in our collections. Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Italian design, these extraordinary objects celebrate the finest workmanship and tradition.

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Emilia Romagna is the perfect place to celebrate the love of fine craftsmanship and the Italian way of life. A symbol of this passion is the castle of Montanaro in the province of Piacenza, an area rich in history and culture. This place conceals hundreds of stories and yet remains wonderfully suspended in time.

Each piece in this collection is made entirely in Italy, with materials chosen for their specific characteristics and their origin of the highest quality. The shapes and weaves of the "VIA AEMILIA" collection are designed to be versatile, and suitable for any environment. The colors, Abatellis black and Medici brown echo the typical tones of the Italian Renaissance tradition. The result is a collection of iconic pieces, produced by handwork, that aim to tell a story that speaks of Italy.

Splot Design

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