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Veneto, Italy | Carpenter

The original Malvezzi bottega in Casaleone – a town in Northern Italy not far from Verona and Mantua – was passed on from father to the next generation in 1977, growing from a small workshop to an establishment that designs and creates products in their entirety. Malvezzi S.N.C. work with fine woods, such as walnut and cherry, creating antique-style chairs based on originals sent in by clients and antique dealers. Their unique pieces boast ancient charm and are entirely handmade using ancient carpentry and upholstery traditions.

Moleria Locchi

Toscana, Italy | Glassmith

The Locchis have been restoring, grinding and carving crystal objects back since the nineteenth century, when the family was commissioned work by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Since then, the skilled craftsmanship of these master grinders has brought back to their original condition goblets, bowls, cruets, salt-cellars, precious Murano-glass chandeliers. Situated in the heart of Oltrarno, the florentine southbank, the atelier is now famous all over the world for the quality of its restoration on glass and precious crystal items.

NB Milano

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

At the heart of NB Milano Design lies an innovative concept aimed at creating long-lasting pieces: harmonizing aesthetic with the mutability of natural materials over time. The 3D leather collection is probably their signature production, used in different furniture pieces handcrafted by specialist artisans entirely in Italy. The vision of NB Milano is to create sensual and organic pieces that engage as many senses as possible. They achieve this objective thanks to a strict selection of the best materials, in which any imperfection is enhanced to stress natural beauty.

ND Dolfi

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Award-winning Bottega ND Dolfi specializes in maiolica pottery. Founded in 1941 by Giovanni Dolfi in a historic workshop in Montelupo, a hamlet on the Tuscan hills, the atelier continued with Silvano, who still creates internationally-acclaimed pieces, and is now run by his daughters Daria and Natalia. Master craftsmen keep traditional techniques alive while experimenting with materials and designs. Each piece is based on originals without becoming a replica, but retaining the unique quality and character of one-off productions.


Lazio, Italy | Artist

Founded by artist Alessandra Pasqua, Wanderart is a contemporary atelier based in Rome that offers singular artwork and collectibles in various artistic styles made with different techniques. Its philosophy is rooted in wanderlust, the need to capture and explore wonder, exploring matter and materials - blurring the boundaries between art and design, technology, and manual expertise. The atelier is driven by the ethics of responsibility, creating distinctive and exclusive pieces with the least possible environmental impact.


Toscana, Italy | Silversmith

Over a hundred years ago, in 1902, grandfather Pampaloni founded a workshop that would become one of the most prestigious silver factories in Florence, just a short walk from Palazzo Vecchio. Their difficult labor still achieves impressive results, thanks to innovative design and traditional techniques coupled with the skilled hands of Gianfranco and Francesco Pampaloni and their busy machines. Like their ancestors, they respect machines, maintaining that "handmade" is not better per se. Artisans achieve their best when coupling their skilled hands with the aid of machines.

Paola Staccioli

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Florentine Paola Staccioli is a ceramist with unique artistic abilities, maybe inspired by her literature studies. She decided to dedicate herself to pottery after some experiences within applied arts, in particular batik and glass. She creates clay objects that support decorative and pictorial elements using the luster technique. The results are unique, impossible to replicate even by the artisan herself. Her works featured in exhibitions in Japan, Germany, France, as well as notable Florentine institutions including the Uffizi Museum (2012) and Palazzo Pitti (2010).

Paolo Ulian

Lombardia, Italy | Marble Designer

After completing a painting degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and one in Industrial Design in Florence, Paolo Ulian devoted himself to experimentation, participating in a number of important exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He recently won the Design Report Award (2015), and continues to collaborate with important Italian companies, such as Fontana Arte and Luminara. His collection with Moreno Ratti consists of a simple yet innovative assemblage of Carrara marble pieces with a neat contemporary aesthetic first exhibited during Milano Design Week 2014.

Roberto Cambi

Lombardia, Italy | Ceramist

Ceramic artist Roberto Cambi is a name of reference in contemporary Italian ceramic art. He has been exhibiting successfully since the late 1970s, after obtaining his diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Cambi's practice is very eclectic and delves in different techniques, but is often referred to as "pop and humoristic". His playful works are created focusing on the interaction of ceramics with their surrounding space. Yet, although his installations are mainly site-specific, due to their flexible nature they can easily adapt to any dimension and space.

Roberto Milan Scultura

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy | Sculptor

Roberto Milan is introduced to the sculptural art of woodworking at a young age in the family tradition workshop. Talented mentors have influenced his artistic path. His design aesthetic blends ancient techniques with modernity of contemporary forms and visions inspired in particular by the idea of cosmic energies. His works can be found in prestigious international private and public collections, notable appearances at Art Basel Show, International Art Fair in Miami and Sofa in Chicago.

Scarpelli Mosaici

Toscana, Italy | Gem Cutter

Bottega Scarpelli continues the Florentine mosaic tradition that goes back to the Medici and the Italian Renaissance. They work gems and stones blending extraordinary skills, tradition, and a flair for innovation. Renzo Scarpelli is a master mosaicist with over 40 years of experience, who passed on his passion to his equally-talented son Leonardo. Yet, they are the final craftsmen of a complex creative process in which painters – who draw the mosaic design and decide the colors, and stone seekers – whose job is to find the right stones, play a vital role.

DMG Fiesole

Toscana, Italy | Furniture Maker

DMG Fiesole was established by brothers Mario and Ferdinando Modi in the 1960s in a small workshop in Fiesole, an ancient Etruscan-origin hamlet on the hills just outside Florence. In 1982, Luigi Giannelli took the company, propelling the brand to national and international recognition. Currently run by Mario Barbari and his son Damiano, generation after generation DMGF is a specialist in wrought iron processing, using a traditional forge and mallet to make every piece. DMGF's elegant furniture collections are designed by architect Pietro Porcinai to last a lifetime.

Studio Formart

Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

Experts in the art of marble, the members of Tuscan Studio Formart develop artistic projects for both interior and exterior spaces. Thanks to years of experience in the field of ceramics, they are now interested in creating a new production process encompassing different materials. The artworks designed by the Studio are precious and innovative objects that focus on form and art, as suggested by the name "Formart", with a continued research in defining new shapes and in the use of different materials.


Piemonte, Italy | Furniture Maker

Tato’s main objective is to make things well. For a company that produces lighting fixtures this translates into working with meticulous understatement. Tato’s idea of design takes an age-old tradition of manual skill, and projects it into the future. Excellent design always starts with people, and is firmly rooted in research and experimentation, where the knowhow of local artisans is as important as the relationships with the international partners who contribute to the expansion of the brand.

Traversari Mosaici

Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

The Fratelli Traversari workshop has proudly continued its family traditions since the end of the 19th century, specializing in the restoration and production of artistic mosaics and micro-mosaic jewelry.Their firm determination to maintain high artistic and qualitative levels involves constant research. They make entirely handcrafted mosaics using different techniques to produce portraits, artworks and tabletops. Their international clientele comes from that niche of the market who is able to appreciate their unique handmade pieces.

Signora Luna

Calabria, Italy | Ceramist

Italian architect Giovanna Sposato worked as a restorator for 15 years, mastering the ancient gilding technique of gold leaf. She launched the "Signora Luna" design project blending ancient craftsmanship with innovative design concepts. Sposato's handmade objects are decorated using the millenary gold-leaf gilding method using local materials and skilled craftspeople. Reflecting a seamless fusion of past and present, her work aims to stimulate collective awareness of our heritage while creating singular pieces that speak to our creative psyche.

Zanetti Murano

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

Oscar Zanetti was born in Murano in 1961. One of his ancestors, Abbott Zanetti, was the founder of the Museo del Vetro (Museum of Glass) and opened the Scuola del Vetro (Glass School) in the 19th Century. Oscar began working with glass at the age of 14 while attending the local art high school. He started out as an assistant or "serventino" and perfected his technique at some of the most prestigious Murano glass ateliers, including Venini and La Murrina, before joining the family workshop. His preference for natural subjects is reflected in his collection.

Michelangelo Style

Toscana, Italy | Marble Designer

Founded in 2013, Michelangelo Style is a Carrara-based workshop that merges craftsmanship and engineering to celebrate marble and natural stone. Founders Gianni and Stefano, a lifelong craftsman and quality-control engineer respectively, collaborate with artisans all over the world to enrich their collections and approaches to molding marble. Like Michelangelo released the soul of marble, so to do they by crafting pieces that speak to the essence of tradition, material, and modern design. Meticulous material selection, workmanship, and packaging are their trademark qualities.

Molto Collectibles

Lazio, Italy | Furniture Maker

The brainchild of design aficionado and founder of Moltoitaliano Lorenzo Bassetti, Molto Collectibles has its roots in the finest Italian artisan tradition. The brand defies mass production in favor of singular, often custom-made, projects painstakingly handcrafted by master artisans who infuse charming antique details. Embracing Massimo Vignelli’s philosophy that “good design is visually powerful, intellectually elegant and, above all, timeless”, each piece is infused with the poetry of local crafting tradition that will never go out of style.