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Furniture Maker - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Founded in 2015 by designer Giovanni Pagani, Giopagani embodies an eclectic universe of memory-driven inspirations crafted into unique, emotion-filled furniture of timeless flair. Merging modern art and architecture principles into a dynamic, ongoing, and evolving journey through different eras and places that have left their mark in the world of contemporary design, Giopagani is an ongoing, evolving journey through places and eras.


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GIOPAGANI wants to preserve true Italian craftsmanship. Through materials and memory, the brand transfers its personal and exclusive aesthetic to the objects of daily life.

Gio Pagani is a Creative, a Designer, an Architect, a Traveler...
The Creative Director’s aesthetic uses the present to quote the past into the future, to recreate designs rooted in memory, intercepting the new spirit of the times and it is precisely this confusion of references that makes it extremely current.

Having collaborated with some of the most influential voices in various creative fields, Gio Pagani has decided to create a world of aesthetic experiences that are grounded in lived memories and refined craftsmanship. This fusion of historical periods, avant-garde ideas, and pure materials results in a melting pot of inspiration. During his personal journey, Gio Pagani is pervaded by sensations, inspirations, and contaminations that bring to mind memories that are translated into forms.

Day after day the goal is to create iconic pieces that give life to timeless collections, to projects characterized by a sophisticated and never ostentatious luxury.

Timeless spaces and objects, drawing strength from the quality and authenticity of materials. Creating products not devoted to frenzied consumerism, but a choice to accompany the daily life of those who choose them.
High Italian manufacturing is the element that distinguishes GIOPAGANI. The care and excellence of GIOPAGANI’s unique pieces arise from the synergy between creativity, technical knowledge and the skills of the production chain, expression of the best italian industrial craftsmanship.
GIOPAGANI offers its expertise as a partner for special projects in the customization of its products to make them unique in formats and finishings, born from the specific needs of the client. Each piece is unique and is made to ensure the highest quality and maximum attention to detail. Sustainability in luxury is achieved through uncompromising quality, timeless design and a local supply chain. This choice commits GIOPAGANI to working with Italian artisans, who keep the Made in Italy tradition alive, creating a short supply chain that guarantees the highest quality of the final product.

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