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Marzia Boaglio
Marzia Boaglio
Marzia Boaglio
Marzia Boaglio
Marzia Boaglio
Marzia Boaglio

Marzia Boaglio

Designer - Piemonte, Italy

Marzia Boaglio is an innovative interior design firm specializing in intriguing furnishings and accent pieces for the modern home. Boaglio identifies as a “StoryArtDesigner”, a title which reflects her innate ability to take a raw material and transform it into an elegant work of art with a story that recalls the past and embodies the future. Her timeless pieces strike a balance between modern aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship, resulting in objects with a high visual and aesthetic impact.


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Luxury brand, creator of "STORY ART DESIGN". Elegance, innovation, Made in Italy.

MARZIA BOAGLIO is an atelier where art and design come together in a unique narrative with elegance, innovation and savoir-faire.
The invention of "STORY ART DESIGN" sets it apart from the rest of the market. A totally innovative way of interpreting the furnishing elements from which the collections are born, unique pieces capable of telling the story of life, as well as ranging in the world of furniture between inlaid elements in wood, marble up to textiles, in full respect of the artisan tradition MADE IN ITALY.

MARZIA BOAGLIO is a brand that is positioned in the luxury sector alongside the world's most iconic.

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION IS AT THE HEART OF MARZIA BOAGLIO'S WORK. Marzia likes to call herself a "STORY ART DESIGNER" because she perceives each object as a work of art that tells a story.

Through her art, she can represent the client's story, a moment in life, an achievement. The work itself is transformed by continuing to tell a new story each time.

During the creation of each piece, the origins and workmanship of the materials reflect the quality and care of Italian craftsmanship creating a perfect mix of style and design.
Reinterpreting futurist art in a personal key has allowed Marzia Boaglio to give new life to ancient techniques, such as inlay, and create unique and contemporary objects with them. Marzia creates games of depth and movement that, thanks to the materials, represent, from time to time, a new discovery.

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