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Naked Stone

Embrace the enchanting beauty of the raw materials skillfullyhandcrafted by a selection of Italian makers. Explore a collection of stone and stone-inspired pieces that celebrate the simplicity of the material's natural shapes and surfaces. Bring a touch of natural modernity to your interiors with creations that embrace the eye-catching elegance of naked stones and discover how this simple material can become a style statement.

Browse throught a selection of Made in Italy designs that centralize the naked stone and it's charm. Discover a wide variety of new names in the italian handcrafting scenario and their innovative creations. Don't miss the plastic beauty that characterises Stone Stackers, the premium materials of Dimarmo, the innovative creativity of Alfaterna Marmi, the porous, irregular texture of a natural stone riproduced in NIVA Design's handlers, the scenographic mirrors from FMM Design, the artistic beauty of the scultures by Pietre Trovanti, Alimonti Milano and Stefano Robiglio, the minimal candles by Aina Kari and the modern designs of ROU Materiaal and Testi Group.

Your bag is waiting to be filled with treasures that will transform your home into a realm of sophistication and comfort
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