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Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio
Diaphan Studio

Diaphan Studio

Lighting Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Born from a fascination with light and a passion for art, Alessandro Giacomelli and Dominique Wolniewicz founded Diaphan creative studio in 2019. Starting with friends and family-commissioned designs, today their site-specific, bespoke installations are the result of collaborations with curators, collectors, and retailers. Dedicated to the excellence of design and craftsmanship, Diaphan sets new standards for the industry, transforming light into poetic experience using a research-based approach and contemporary interpretations of natural forms.


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We are architects of light. We design luminaires that imbue spaces with material presence, generating extraordinary combinations of colour, form and texture.

Established in 2019 by Alessandro Giacomelli and Dominique Wolniewicz, Diaphan is a design studio borne of a preoccupation with light and a passion for art.

Drawing inspiration from the conceptual work of artist Olafur Eliasson and crystalline growth patterns, the brand aims at exploring themes that sit at the base of human nature: impermanence and complexity.Based on extensive research in reflective and translucent materials, the designer duo works on light sculptures rendered in traditional materials coupled with the latest LED technologies. The contrast results in unique light patterns projected onto the surrounding environment.

Alessandro’s and Dominique’s creative process began at home where they developed their first prototypes for family and friends. Today their site-specific installations and interior products are commissioned for curators, collectors and commercial traders. The initial vision has developed into a fully-fledged creative studio that is aiming to be at the forefront of transforming light into poetic experiences.

The studio is committed to excellence in design and craftsmanship, with the intention tokeep traditional crafts alive and support their constant evolution. With a hands-on approach to every project - testing with prototypes and a broad range of lighting solutions –the designers’ ultimate goal is to create a world where refined interior objects blend with sculptures of light, giving birth to environments of exceptional colours and forms.

As pioneers in the world of high-end lighting, Diaphan Studio is redefining the boundaries of light and design.

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