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Il Paralume Marina
Il Paralume Marina
Il Paralume Marina
Il Paralume Marina
Il Paralume Marina

Il Paralume Marina

Lighting Maker - Veneto, Italy

Paralume Marina started in 1987 when husband and wife Ferronato-Simoncello opened their small family business, inspired by a common passion for decorative lighting. Their son Thomas and Simone expanded the company outside the national borders, making it an international brand that mixes design and innovation with traditional handcrafting techniques. The combination of brass, 100% Italian crystal, Murano glass, and precious fabrics create one-of-a-kind and exclusive pieces of great visual impact.


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Each project is a challenge that we approach with seriousness and passion, dedication to the customer and meticulous attention to detail


The story of the company Il Paralume Marina has started in 1987 when the spouses Ferronato-Simoncello have founded their small family-run business based on the common passion for decorative Italian lighting. In the followings years, their sons Thomas and Simone have given further drive, respectively in internationally marketing the products all over the world and at high technical design levels of lights themselves. In 30 successful years, their hard work has brought “Il Paralume Marina” international fame and this brand has become a representation of commitment and creativity combined with high Made in Italy craftsmanship quality.

Il Paralume Marina is specialized in producing customized articles and always offers a wide range of various fabrics, trimmings, tassels, brass, crystal, and glass colors to choose from.

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