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Edit Napoli 2022: a New Generation of Designers

Born with the aim of sustaining and promoting a new concept of design, Edit Napoli fair selects a specific group of craftsmen and independent producers, to deliver an overview of the movements that are challenging the traditional design rules. Discover the selection of our artisans at Edit Napoli and explore the fair that is transforming Naples into the cradle of future design.

For the fourth time, the city of Naples will be the stage for a “slow” authentic concept of design, brought about by ​Edit Napoli to support and promote independent designers, authors and artisans from Italy. In a spirit of hospitality that is typically Mediterranean, the fair brings together many small and local realities, acting as a laboratory and fertile ground for building precious collaborations and transforming the city into a real cradle of inspirations.

Edit Napoli selects a specific group of independent producers and many of them are artisans with the aim of challenging the traditional chain of production and distribution. In a context of great participation, from October 7th to 9th, the city is immersed into a buzzing atmosphere, reflecting the cultural push of these days.

This new edition is firmly grounded in the notion of local design, sustainability and quality over quantity, through production processes that combine craftsmanship with inspiration for pieces that can be replicated, maintaining a strong sense of uniqueness. The new collection by Made in Edit in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola is a clear example of this mission such as the distinctive and eccentric concrete furniture realized by Forma & Cemento.

The same innovative spirit can be found in the pieces of Medaarch and Elli that work with new materials and contemporary procedures to give life to unique objects, reflecting a strong sense of disruption and change. Sustainability is one of the most important topics of Edit Napoli and No Smoking the Future represents a great example of a natural, zero-waste design production, together with San Patrignano, the largest program of social help in Europe that has partnered with Artemest in the design of Solesempre collection.

These three days dedicated to design and craftsmanship will be hosted within the spaces of the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore and within some of the most symbolic venues of Neapolitan and Italian culture. The event is a meeting point for dialogues between territory, tradition and contemporary design. Errante, CuoreCarpenito, Del Savio 1910, Gio Aio, Paola Paronetto and Aina Kari are just a few names of the contemporary national design scene.

Many designers and artisans will be present to promote their work, from Nodus to Lanificio Leo and Caterina Frongia in the textile production together with local artisans coming from Campania region such as Atlasproject, Eleit, Francesco De Maio and Materiae Edizioni.

Edit Cult

Much excitement surrounds the EDIT Cult initiative, a program of exhibitions spread out over various venues and dedicated to the culture of designing, with the aim of opening to the public and promoting some of Naples’ finest locations that will be hosting presentations of projects with an international reach.

Thanks to the contribution of important international designers such as Allegra Hicks, Michele De Lucchi, Piet Hein Eek, Rumi Dalle and Patricia Urquiola, it will be possible to visit some of the most authentic and suggestive places in Naples.