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Essentials for a Mid-Century Modern Space

Give your home a Mid-Century Modern look by incorporating 5 essential pieces to your interiors. The juxtaposition between muted tones of wooden storages, and the vibrant colors of rugs, creates a unique combination for a harmonic space.


Wooden Storage

Unique to this specific style, a wooden cabinet or bookcase is a staple within a mid-century interior. Explore through different finishes and types of wooden storage by artisans such as ​Faedo​Manifestodesign and ​Meccani Design.​


Patterned Rugs

Created as mesmerizing pieces of walkable art, these rugs capture the insightful look of a design expert and make for a focal point in every room. Your mid-century space will certainly become more modern and contemporary. Discover rugs from ​Nodus​Nuala Goodman and ​Malcusa.​


​Bar Cabinet

​A 40s inspired bar cabinet in the living room represents a classic piece from a mid-century styled home. In walnut, rosewood and glass, these cabinets are crafted from some of the most skilled Italian artisans such as ​Italianelements,​ ETRO Home Interiors, and ​Modesign.


Artistic Panels

To modernize a mid-century style wall made in wood or naked bricks, choose a unique panel or tapestry to give character to the space. Discover a selection of pieces by artisans such as ​Luisa Longo​Berdondini1926, and ​Liz Milan.


​Indoor Green

An essential from a mid-century modern space is indoor gardening and plants. This touch of nature inside will bring a new feeling to all the warm wood covering walls and floor. Look through a selection of cachepots by ​Freaklab​Ceramiche Ima, and ​Picta.