About Artemest

Tropical Spirit

Explore the equatorial warmth of a tropical paradise with a selection of vibrant furniture and home décor. Capture the quintessential feeling of exploring faraway lands with nuances of green, yellow and orange mixed with jungle prints and stunning exotic illustrations.

Masters at revolutionizing the wall decorations world,​ Affreschi & Affreschi designs outlandish panoramas capable of transporting the wild jungle into your indoors. The skillfully crafted pieces ​Exotic Jungle Textured Wallpaper and ​Jungle Textured Wallpaper are a mixture of 27 precious raw materials and capable of evoking ancient frescoes by combining the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship.
​​​Il Paralume Marina channels tropical designs in the ​Bamboo 16-Light Chandelier, creating a carousel of bamboo-shaped brass elements encased in clear Murano glass with a gold finish. This outstanding piece of lighting reflects a contemporary character with a sleek and refined quality.