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Tour of Marche Craftmanship

Artemest is proud to present the ultimate insider’s guide to Italy. Fifth stop: Marche. Head to the very heart of Italy to discover this multifaceted region, dotted by historic hamlets, limestone cliffs, breathtaking countryside and World Heritage sites such as the city of Urbino.

In the heart of central Italy lies Le Marche, a region of beautiful landscapes and fascinating history. Here, the sea blends with the mountains to stunning effect: the Adriatic coast gently gives way to rolling hills dotted by vineyards and olive groves, which slowly slope upwards into the Sibillini mountain range.

The hidden villages on the hills and the lively towns by the sea still preserve a wide variety of craft knowledge, embodying the countless cultural influences of the region.​


Le Marche are rich in art cities and small Medieval villages. First and foremost, Urbino: the Renaissance town was the birthplace of Raphael and is still renowned for Renaissance masterpieces such as the Ducal Palace, a Unesco World Heritage Site. After a tour of the historic city center, make a stop at Di Luca Ceramics: a modern atelier which merges contemporary design influences with traditional ceramic techniques. The next must-stop is Pesaro, a small seaside town with an elegant historic center rich in ancient buildings, museums, churches, and libraries. In the summer, the city comes alive with shows and arts festivals, becoming the heart of the local hospitality scene.

Pesaro is an epicenter of furniture and design studios, from traditional brands such as Italianelements and Domingo Salotti to the most extravagant such as Adrenalina and Manifestodesign. Wander off the beaten track to pay a visit to Francesco Profili, who carries on his passion for woodworking in his workshop. Finally, make a stop at Fossombrone to admire the distinctive design of Gio Aio and creative lighting of Karman.

Cities of historical and cultural significance abound in Le Marche: just think of Ascoli Piceno, whose buildings stand out for the marvelous use of Travertine, and Loreto, where a majestic sanctuary stands out among the rolling hills overlooking the sea.​


Ancona, a city founded by the ancient Greeks and the region's capital, stands out on the Conero promontory, between stunning cliffs and sandy beaches.The particular configuration of this landmark makes it possible to admire the spectacle of sunrise and sunset over the sea. Archaeological sites testify Greek and Roman influences that have made the city a magnificent melting pot of cultures.

The Conero Riviera stretches to the south of the promontory, dominated by fishing villages with traditional white stone houses. Rocky beaches with crystal-clear waters make these places a true summer paradise. Moving inland through fields of sunflowers and rolling hills you can find small villages such as Jesi, land of the Verdicchio wine as well as a town that preserves the ancient goldsmith, carving and restoration traditions. A must-visit here is artist ​Oriana Capitani, who makes wonderful mirrors using restored ancient materials.​

Discover Marche Craftsmanship


Continuing on the journey towards Macerata you'll find Mogliano, a small village that preserves the ancient tradition of wicker weaving to make beautiful objects. Stop here to discover the creations of ​Bottega Intreccio whose unique pieces stand out for their weaving technique (“intreccio”), a Renaissance technique carried out over the centuries. Wicker, cord, and leather are worked by hand to bring to life innovative designs of captivating modernity, while also preserving this historic crafting method.

The eponymous​ Mila Maurizi brand is rooted in over 80 years of family history and passion in hand-weaving reeds, starting with her grandfather Luigi Maurizi who crafted wicker baskets in the 1940s. Based in the heart of Mogliano, Mila Maurizi's home décor wicker collections are minutely hand-woven by skilled artisans, whose stories and expertise can be almost heard by touching the intricate wefts.


In the south of the region, you'll find Ascoli Piceno and Fermo, two small towns rich in history, art, and craftsmanship.

Stop at Amandola to discover the production of minimalist lighting by​ Tooy. Another destination is Porto San Giorgio, a small village by the sea to admire the art of metalworking by visiting ​Marco Ripa's workshop.

After a walk in the centre of Ascoli, stop at ​Chendù, a design firm that embodies a strong artistic vocation and artisanal tradition.To discover the art and the tradition of pottery, you need to visit ​La Bottega di Verde Ramina. This place is the charming studio of artist Barbara Petrelli, based in Ascoli Piceno. Her studio serves an inspirational environment to see her expert hands at work.


​The province of Macerata is dotted by small villages where time seems to have stood still. In the charming town of Recanati, the birthplace of the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi, there are a variety of artisanal production. Stop here to admire ​Morici's woodworking creations, passed down through the centuries. Another Recanati must-see is ​Arcahorn, furniture makers handcrafting the zebu horn to create alluring pieces.

In San Severino, the young duo behind ​Stone Stackers turns marble chunks into playful elements and unique pieces of furniture, another example of Le Marche's contemporary creativity.

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