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Artemest is proud to present the ultimate insider’s guide to Italy. Fifth stop: Marche. Head to the very heart of Italy to discover this multifaceted region, dotted by historic hamlets, limestone cliffs, breathtaking countryside and World Heritage sites such as the city of Urbino.

In the heart of central Italy lies Le Marche, a region of beautiful landscapes and fascinating history. Here, the sea blends with the mountains to stunning effect: the Adriatic coast gently gives way to rolling hills dotted by vineyards and olive groves, which slowly slope upwards into the Sibillini mountain range.

The hidden villages on the hills and the lively towns by the sea still preserve a wide variety of craft knowledge, embodying the countless cultural influences of the region.​

What to See

Pesaro and Urbino - Urbino is a Renaissance town, the birthplace of Raphael and is still renowned for Renaissance masterpieces such as the Ducal Palace, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Pesaro is a small seaside town with an elegant historic center rich in ancient buildings, museums, churches, and libraries. In the summer, the city comes alive with shows and arts festivals, becoming the heart of the local hospitality scene.

Ancona and the Conero Riviera - Anconaa city founded by the ancient Greeks and the region's capital, stands out on the Conero promontory, between stunning cliffs and sandy beaches. The particular configuration of this landmark makes it possible to admire the spectacle of sunrise and sunset over the sea. Archaeological sites testify Greek and Roman influences that have made the city a magnificent melting pot of cultures. The Conero Riviera stretches to the south of the promontory, dominated by fishing villages with traditional white stone houses. Rocky beaches with crystal-clear waters make these places a true summer paradise.

Ascoli Piceno and Fermo - Ascoli Piceno is the city of white stone. Its travertine buildings, the bell towers and turrets that punctuate its skyline, the stately squares and an atmosphere that recalls the past make this medieval city in the Marche one of the most monumental in Italy. From Ascoli reach Fermo, characterized by a Renaissance urban layout, a constellation of aristocratic palaces, churches, courtyards and squares, where contemporary-style clubs, restaurants and bars pops up at every corner.

View of the Adriatic Sea
View of the Adriatic Sea
View of Urbino
View of Urbino

Traditional Marche Craftsmanship

Vimini from Mogliano - Mogliano is a small village that preserves the ancient tradition of wicker weaving to make beautiful objects. Stop here to discover the creations of ​Bottega Intreccio and Mila Maurizi whose unique pieces stand out for their weaving technique (“intreccio”), a Renaissance technique carried out over the centuries. Wicker, cord, and leather are worked by hand to bring to life innovative designs of captivating modernity, while also preserving this historic crafting method.

Ceramics from Pesaro and Urbino - Located in Urbino, in the heart of the suggestive Marche countryside, Di Luca Ceramics atelier merges Italian design influences and traditional ceramic techniques adapted to modern tastes. Extensive expertise in distinctive techniques such as Raku Dolce, Saggar firing, and horsehair decoration is the hallmark of its contemporary style. Specialized in the processing of stoneware, Laboratorio Pesaro represents a landmark for the excellence of its productions in the grand tradition of ceramic craftsmanship of the 20th century.

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