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Sardinian Retreat: Gallicantu

Nestled in the mystical countryside of central Sardinia, Gallicantu is a characteristic Stazzo Retreat, a place to unwind and soak up the ancient essence of the region. Concealed by majestic boulders and centuries-old olive trees, the ensemble of cottages has been designed in harmony with the surrounding nature to create a peaceful haven in the heart of Gallura.

Hidden in the shade of ancient olive groves and surrounded by monoliths and unspoiled nature, Gallicantu is a typical stazzo retreat in the heart of Gallura, one of the most authentic regions of Sardinia. The name of the retreat means “dawn” in ancient Sardinian and is the fruit of the owners’ love for the region.

Flourished from the ruins of two restored 1930s stazzi using only traditional materials, the retreat is characterized by a unique rustic look. The granite stones of the original structures have been left exposed to match the three hectares of Mediterranean maquis all around and the characteristic majestic boulders.

The word stazzo comes from the latin statio (place of rest) and has been at the center of rural life for the shepherds and farmers of the Gallura region for centuries. It indicates both the farm and the cottages inhabited by the locals. The same spirit has been kept by the architect Jean Claude Lesuisse to give the cottages an almost fairytale-like character.

Each interior space has been designed in harmony with the nature, using raw materials such as iron, stone and wood, perfectly blended with the dècor, the fabrics and rugs handcrafted by local artisans such as Mariantonia Urru, inspired by the ancient Sardinian tradition.

In the very heart of the property, surrounded by the magic of the nature and immersed in the peace of Sardinian hinterland, the outdoor pool is a relaxing corner where to forget the rhythms of modern life and enjoy the essence of the land.

The cavern is the jewel in the crown of Gallicantu, an exquisite example of restoration and history. The natural cavity, once inhabited by pre-Nuragic peoples, has been transformed into an exceptional cellar for tasting of charcuterie, wines and cheeses sourced from the neighboring farms or carefully selected from the local producers. There is nothing to do but appreciate these delicacies with a typical Sardinian tasting surrounded by these historical ruins.

Located a stone’s throw away from Gallicantu, Luogosanto is a small hamlet characterized by the presence of 22 sanctuaries dotted all around the district. The retreat takes also the essence of the town, a destination for lovers of sustainable travel and outdoor activities.

This charming place is famous for its archaeological heritage: here you can discover the traces of Nuragic and Neolithic civilizations but also the greatest concentration of medieval remains of Gallura. To visit Gallicantu means truly immerse yourself in the authentic history of the land, a place where time stands still and life follows its natural cycle.



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