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Timeless Elegance by CPRN Homood

Unlock the understated elegance and the scents of sophistication that spreads through CPRN Homood collections. Originally from Pisa Tuscany, this brand specializes in furniture synonymous to fine luxuries.

From hand crafted rare wood furniture, finished metal satin and exquisite leather, CPRN Homood has some game changing pieces that instantly enhance the aesthetics of any space. Entirely Made in Italy, every item reveals its ability to combine contemporary style with luxurious, sophisticated and timeless products. We interviewed CPRN Homood to get an insight on their impeccable craftsmanship, innovative techniques that are evident through the collections.

Tell us your story?

CPRN Homood was a result of the common passion among a group of entrepreneurs who joined forces to create a complete line of furniture. We focus on furniture and home lifestyle including lighting, rugs, accessories, home scents, outdoor furniture, and a complete linen collection for bed and bathroom, which is entirely customizable. The name Homood is a combination of Home and Mood.

​How would you describe the style of CPRN Homood? What makes it unique?

Certainly, some of the eye-catching traits are elegant silhouettes, absolutely Made in Italy. Our design team is working on our furniture collections. Geometric inlays, woodcarving, the use of satin-finished metal, and the hand-applied stitching for the padded pieces are only a few of the distinctive features of the CPRN Homood brand.

​Which are the main steps for the creation of one of your pieces?

Nowadays, the world of furniture and fashion is more and more intertwined. Our first objective is to catch new trends and our new trends. For instance, our "Namibia" celebrated color Pantone's "Living Coral", the must-have hue of 2019.

​What is the philosophy behind your brand?

CPRN Homood is a young brand, but we have a clear idea of ​​our path. Our priority is to continue developing complete home decor collections, 100% Made in Italy in every production step, and with standing the test of time. We don't try to be trendy, bending our vision to adapt to what the market asks. The elegance and sophistication of timeless classic pieces have always fascinated us, and our aspiration is to do just that.

CPRN Homood is located in Pisa, Tuscany. What is the landscape influences and inspire your work and your creations?

Tuscany, two of its most traditional manufacturing and renowned history in the world, contributed to shaping what CPRN Homood offers. Without the exceptional skills of our craftsmen, our projects would have remained unfinished.