MDW 2022 | BLOW: Bradley Theodore Meets Murano

For Milan Design Week 2022, Artemest presents BLOW: Bradley Theodore Meets Murano – a collection of one-of-a-kind Murano glass pieces, in collaboration with ​Bradley TheodoreStreet art meets luxury Italian craftsmanship in an immersive exhibition exploring the gap between tradition and creative disruption.

Showcased in the heart of Milan's Brera district, BLOW is an immersive exhibition of custom-made Murano glass mirrors, chandeliers and home décor, crossing the divide from design objects into artworks. Each piece was created in tandem with Theodore on a trip to Murano, where the artist met and worked with the nine makers in their studio, followed by a camera that documented every rise and fall of the creative process. 

Inspired by his childhood memories in Turks and Caicos, Theodore mixed familiar shapes such as corals, seashells and pineapples with classic Venetian symbols such as Rezzonico chandeliers, mouth-blown mirrors and souvenirs de Venise.

Through the gaze of a street artist, the Muranese 'fornace' becomes the meeting point of two clashing yet complementary points of view, leading to unexpected creations of extraordinary impact: from a fully hand-engraved mirror in the shape of a lobster, to a 2.5-meter-tall pineapple mirror, to a blown-glass homage to the 17th-century memento mori skulls.

The limited-edition collection of Murano glass pieces crafted by ​Covi e Puccioni​Fornace Mian​Fratelli Tosi​Luci Italia​Multiforme​Ongaro & Fuga​Specchi Veneziani​Venice Factory and ​Vetralia is available exclusively on Artemest.

The creative journey is told in cinematic fashion in a short film capturing the essence of this dialogue: Bradley Theodore takes over the streets of Murano, venturing into the hidden ‘calli’ and bringing fresh creative inspiration to the artisans’ studios, who are eager to rise to the challenge.

The short film will be screened at the venue, in an intimate, cinema-like setting giving full space to the vision behind this collaboration. Stepping into a fully dark space, guests will be transported into a sensory dimension to discover the art of glassmaking, as seen through the eyes of Bradley Theodore. 

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Event Address | Piazza San Marco, Giardino Roberto Sanesi, Brera, Milan

Press Event | Monday 6th June, 12:00 - 18:00

Opening Days | Tuesday 7th June – Friday 10th June, 11:00 – 20:00

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