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The Living Room by Kingston Lafferty Design

Discover the Living Room of L’Appartamento curated by Kingston Lafferty Design for Artemest. The Dublin based studio wanted to take visitors on a journey. To enhance the sense of discovery and challenge visitors' sense of what a living room should be, KLD created three spaces in one: the Lounge, the Cube, and the Sun Room.

MEET The Designer

Kingston Lafferty Design was founded by award-winning designer Roisin Lafferty in 2010, who is supported by CEO Becky Russel and by a multidisciplinary and greatly diverse team based in Dublin. Since founding KLD, Róisín has earned enormous respect and recognition across the construction and interiors industry for her contribution to design. For Róisín good design pays particular attention to space – the building itself and its surroundings. As such, her work is not represented through one distinct style, but places the space and the desires of her clients as central.

Roisin describes Kingston Lafferty Design studio as creatively led, always. Looking at every project as unique, as special, as an opportunity to push the norms and break against preconceived expectations of how design should be. The studio strives to create interiors that excite, evoke imagination, curiosity and happiness. It is extremely important for KLD that there is depth and authenticity in what they create, the spaces need to awaken emotion and encompass the people who inhabit them.

We strive to create spaces that only enhance everyone’s experience of the world and their individual lives. It is a brave ambition, but it is this goal that keeps us invested, excited and challenged as designers.


The Living Room Concept

For L’Appartamento, Kingston Lafferty Design wanted to take visitors on a journey, to catch them off guard upon entering, and to evoke curiosity as they explore the space. To enhance the sense of discovery and challenge visitors' sense of what a living room should be, the firm designed a central component inserted within the space: ‘The Cube’. The Cube acts as both a sculptural interjection, a space within a space, and a backdrop to each experience, whilst subtly reflecting and echoing the beauty, scale and detail of the original historic characteristics.

One enters the Lounge, an informal living room evoking a sense of playfulness; KLD experimented with scale using oversize, sculptural objects, such as the Osaka Blue Sofa by La Cividina and the Pantelleria Purple Armchair by Medaarch, and brighter, bold colors to incorporating playful and elevated elements, such as the selection of vases by Gaetano Pesce for Corsi Design Factory. These bold shapes and forms are balanced through the use of light reflective objects and streamlined materials forming backdrops.

On the opposite side of the room is the Sun Room overlooking the terrace with a more refined and sensual palette of jewel toned objects rich in texture, tactility, such as the Wood Screen by Kabinet, creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere. There is a sense of layered, tonal, color- blocking at play here, which contrasts against the more elegant and sophisticated furniture pieces. The insertion of The Cube allows visitors to catch glimpses of each living room forming framed views as you meander through. To further connect each space is the implementation of a single staple light fixture, offset by similar furniture objects throughout, strengthening the cohesive design. Inside the cube is a gallery of lights. Using reflected wall coverings of mirror, metals and dramatic floor coverings amidst the Jud Wall Lamps by Draga & Aurel makes for a high powered, energetic surrounding. For KLD, the evocative nature of jewel tones, never tires. And in this case, the jewels are the central, secret gem within the overall space. The rich tones and exquisite details reflect and bounce off each other, creating a warm and endearing central glow.

Good design is more than the individual elements, there is a harmony, balance and magic that needs to be achieved in each environment and capture a mood, emotion and atmosphere appealing and connecting all senses.


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Artemest for us at KLD is our treasure trove, providing us with endless design possibilities to elevate our projects time and again.


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