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Cattin Porcellane
Cattin Porcellane
Cattin Porcellane
Cattin Porcellane
Cattin Porcellane
Cattin Porcellane

Cattin Porcellane

Ceramist - Veneto, Italy

Founded in 1983 by decorator Silvana Cattin and sculptor Maurizio Sergio Cortese, Cattin is a family-run atelier of first-rate porcelain artworks masterfully designed and handcrafted using traditional methods. Cattin’s intricate yet effortless designs weave together diverse resins, enamels, precious metals, and motifs, revealing versatile pieces that enrich interior decors with their sophisticated and exclusive Italian style.


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The Cattin company was founded in 1983 by the husband and wife Cattin Silvana (decorator) and Cortese Maurizio Sergio (sculptor and mold maker), both of whom come from an important background, such as that of the Nove and Bassano Ceramic district, a mirror of an area rich in charm and beauty. In 2005 and 2011 his sons also joined the family business, which for nearly 40 years has been working with passion and love to create precious works of art that bring the beauty of Italian porcelain into homes all over the world. The tableware, bowls, decorative objects and lamps are inspired by the typical European taste of the 18th and 19th centuries, but revisited in a contemporary way.

The skilled hands of master craftsmen and the ancient Italian artistic traditions passed down from generation to generation transform each gesture, to create a Cattin porcelain, into a unique work. In fact, their creations are not serial productions, but productions that are the result of personalization and diversity in decorations and colors.

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Cattin is authentically made in Italy recognizable by the fire-embossed mark and the certificate of origin that accompanies every single creation.

With the Isabella porcelain collection, a thousand waves, shells and golden reflections will be the perfect accompaniment for every tea time. Sipping tea or coffee will be like doing it by the sea, irradiated by the splendor of the sun and surrounded by the allure of golden arenas in a warm and wonderful relaxing break.

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